Good Wednesday Morning

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  1. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning Friends,

    It feels nice to be halfway through the week and only to have started work yesterday. There is a light rain and it is only suppose to get to 59 today. As long as the rain stops by 12:00 so the kids can get outside at lunch and again this afternoon I don't mind the rain.

    difficult child has a therapist appointment after school today and easy child is staying late to work on her project. I'll take difficult child to the appointment, husband will wait for easy child.

    For dinner I'm trying another new ww recipe. This one you pour a bit of wine along with red peppers and pea pods and heat them just til they're a bit soft, then using heavy duty foil you put down a chicken breast with veggies on top of that and make a pouch of the foil and bake the chiken.

    Hopefully we will get to the club today because that would mean I could take Thursday and Friday off (from the club-not work).

    As always wishing everyone a peaceful day!:peaceful:
  2. timer lady

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    Good morning all,

    Sharon, you're dinner sounds fabulous ~ what time should I be there & what wine do you & husband like? ;)

    ktbug is home & I'm up to get her off to school. We're all on high alert given her last weekend pass & various comments & antics. difficult children, can't live with them - pass the beer nuts! :bigsmile:

    I have 2 mtgs today; 1 with kt's mental health CM ~ the other with her PCA nurse. I'm trying to coordinate it so they are both here at the same time.

    The usual circus of contractors workers; plumbers, carpenters, the electrician & possibly the roofer.

    Have a good day - looks like rain & cool weather here but I plan on enjoying it.
  3. tiredmommy

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    Good morning. :coffee:

    Sharon- I hope the kids get outside... cooped up is not good at the end of the year! :faint:

    Linda- Here's hoping today goes smoothly! :wine:

    I have some housework today and a few errands. I need to find black pants for Duckie to wear in her play next week. :hammer: I doubt it can be done!

    Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:
  4. therese005us

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    Good Wednesday evening

    We had a busy day, after hardly sleeping last night. Coughing all night!!
    Little cherub had a reasonable day at school. A little excursion. After which she was rather non compliant for the teachers during toileting. However, we had a little chat.... after that, the WHOLE afternoon till tonight when we got back from dancing, she was dry, and asked to go to the toilet TWICE and had good results!

    Still coughing!

    Tomorrow dd11 is singing for the Big Morning Tea to raise money for cancer and there is a lot of running about inbetween. I don't actually like Thursdays much I have to be in several places within seconds of each other - such a stress.

    Hope everyone has a lovely Wednesday. I'm off to do a little baking for the empty tins.....

  5. Andy

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    Looks like I am running late again this morning! I need to decide if I run into the grocery store before dropping difficult child off at school or after? I need difficult child to help me set up the grill before school starts so I may have to wait.

    difficult child's last day at this school today. It is starting to sink in. My last day of dropping off a kid and going into this school every morning. I so need to borrow another child for next year. I am sure I will continue to volunteer.

    husband dropped our grill off at the school for me yesterday. We are going to grill hot dogs. I bought 40 dogs (plenty for 21 kids plus staff), buns, individual assorted bags of chips, ketchup and mustard, and individual apple sauce. I think I should go get a bag of baby carrots so we have a veggie to serve. My friend made a jello salad - looks awesome! and we have a cake for our baby shower. I will set up and decorate a table for the cake and gifts. Maybe I should get a bucket of ice cream also?

    I think I want to run to the dollar store and get small plates for the cake.

    After school, I will give the 6th graders each a small waste basket filled with Remember when toys. Didn't know what to give them so figured if I went nostalgic for their last day of school it would be o.k. Small ball, bubbles, playdough, gum, goldfish crackers, can of orange pop, I don't remember what else. That should keep them busy for a while. We then go eat somewhere and to the Night at the Museum movie.

    So, I better shake a leg and get moving here. I hope everyone has a great day and find a way to make your kids laugh!

    Here is hoping I have everything I need except cake plates, ice cream, and carrots!
  6. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks.

    Sharon/WO, that chicken recipe sounds good. I hope it works out well for you.

    Linda, I hope the meetings all mesh together for you.

    TM, if you're having trouble finding the black pants for a school play, what about checking out op-shops? Anything you find there is generally cheap enough to alter without feeling like you're wrecking perfectly good, new, clothing.

    Trish, good to see you on the thread again. I'm glad you're feeling so comfortable with everyone here. Us Aussies got to stick together!I'm glad little cherub had a good afternoon. Hope her cough gets better soon (it's a nasty bug doing the rounds, husband & difficult child 3 have had this same cough for two months now). I hope the Morning Tea thing goes well for daughter tomorrow.

    Andy, sounds like you have a hectic lunch schedule. The bag of carrots sounds like a good idea. Why not just let the kids hve them whole and raw, they can do the Bugs Bunny routine AND get some vegetables into them.

    We had a very early start today, it was difficult child 3's school's big expo day today, a fun day for all the kids (and parent/supervisors!). We got in early (beating the traffic). Met some new students, was delighted to see difficult child 3 welcoming new faces and helping them find their way around. I saw some familiar faces too, including classmates of difficult child 3's who he has spent time with on previous study days and open days. There were a range of different activites, all showcasing different faculties of the school. The History department had a trivia contest (which our table won), there was a huge jigsaw puzzle which had everyone (at different times) working on it. The Science faculty had some invertebrates to look at - pond life plus some spiders (alive in boxes as well as dead in perspex). The Technology faculty were making photo frames and the art department were making beads. Music department were jamming and operating a portable community radio station. The kids got some great hands-on stuff and had a ball. Then for lunch the school had ordeed pizza, the tables were groaning with pizza boxes and students, supervisors and staff were all milling around mingling, scoffing pizza and talking to one another.

    These school days finish ahead of school hours, to give people time to head home (most students live well away from the school, some travel for hours to get there for these days).

    difficult child 3 & I headed home but stopped at the mall on the wya, to buy some fruit & veg. Talked to easy child 2/difficult child 2, she was on a work break and wanted my help with some wedding register stuff. She looks so young that when she's looking around the stores, especially home wares and appliances, sales people ignore her because she doesn't look old enough to be shopping for home wares.

    I didn't really do a lot today even at the school, but I was really exhausted by the time I got home. Because of this and my sore throat, I begged off going out tonight to choir practice. I've stayed in and had an easy night. Heading to bed soon.

    Tomorrow is my washing/housework day, I hope my cold hasn't freshened up too much or we'll have to cancel it. No, it's not swine flu.

    I have some cooking to do tomorrow as well, plus it's back to the academic grindstone for difficult child 3 in the morning, after his party day today. It does seem topsy turvy at times, when difficult child 3 goes in to school it's like a holiday for him.

    It was lovely today to meet one new student and his very frustrated mother and to see her frustration with the education system begin to melt away, as she met her son's teachers one by one. By the end of the day she was beaming - was it all too good to be true? I LOVE seeing these reactions, this school has been the best thing that has happened for difficult child 3. She also has had to fight for ages - weeks, months or longer - to get ANY support for her son even talked about, and today (on a day when the paperwork tends to not get done so well, every teacher being busy with their presentations) she was still finding red tape being slashed and strategies put in place for her son. "Modify work for your son? No problem, we'll have it in the post to him in the morning." She had told me how for years she has been refused modifications for him, at his old schools.

    Enjoy your Wednesday. Mine was great (apart from this bug slowly tightening its grip).

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