Good Wednesday Morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning Friends,

    Wow-Everyone must be sleeping in late today. It's hot and muggy here, yesterday we hit 94 and had a ton of humidity. Roads were buckling all over the place. husband and I went over two different spots where it had buckled.

    We have another heat advisory today. Poor difficult child, I actually felt sorry for him yesterday. At camp they went biking. First in that weather no way would I want to bike, second he is very out of shape. It took us almost 10 minutes just to get him to walk from the picnic table to the car. His face was so red. He told me if he had to bike today he was quitting camp! I told him he gets to go roller skating in an air conditioned place today.

    Not much on my agenda. After dropping off difficult child at camp we will head to the health club. I doubt I'll go to the pool in this heat.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day-stay cool if you are where it's hot:swimming:
  2. smallworld

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    Good morning, friends!

    Sharon, sounds like a scorcher. Stay cool!

    I'm leaving at 9 am to drive A and M to the airport. They're winging their way to their overnight camp in Maine for 3.5 weeks. It's A's 5th year and M's 1st year. They're both very excited. It will be a nice mommy break, but I'll miss them dearly.

    Hi if you snuck in. Hope you have a peaceful day.
  3. timer lady

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    Good morning friends,

    Sharon ~ we have the same scorchingly hot & humid weather here. It's ugly.

    SW ~ hope the kids have fun at camp.

    "HI" if you snuck in.

    As I said above we're having hot & humid weather. Makes it kind of hard to keep kt amused as she can't be out in this type of weather with her medications. She just gets so dehydrated so quickly.

    Demolition on my kitchen begins today. I have a sink of dishes to wash (can't wait for my new dishwasher) & a couple of cupboards to pack up in boxes before the construction crew gets here.

    My piano instructor arrives at 11 & I haven't had much of a chance to practice. Ick ~ it's going to be an ugly lesson.

    Have a good day all. Hope you have at least one reason to smile. For me it's the birds coming back to my feeders after the first nesting.
  4. Andy

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    Wiped Out - I hope difficult child feels well today. After his time in the heat yesterday, he may still feel draggy. I find that camps don't always have the best criteria or common sense to keep kids out of the heat. Usually college age staff are making those decisions. To make matters worse, if they do insist the kids are out in record breaking temps, they also do not know that the kids need extra water. I am glad he will be in air conditioning today.

    Small World - I hope the kids have a great time at camp. Do you have anything special planned for your break?

    I will work 7:30 - 12:30 today. difficult child has an invite to go to the circus today but we have to decline. I will take him into the Children's Walk-in to check on a rash that has spread from his chest to his back, go bowling in Fargo, and then to a Red Hawks baseball game fellowship event for church. I hope it doesn't stay too hot - however, our seats are in the shade!

    difficult child wasn't feeling well when I got home at 1:00 yesterday and opted not to go bowling. He had been in and out in the hot muggy weather so I think he got a little overheated. He did however play baseball last night and made a great catch worthy of ESPN. And I missed it - I saw him go for it but because of the fence and he was in the shade, I didn't really see it. We were all in awe that he actually caught it. Good job difficult child!

    A nice breeze saved us from being scorched during the ball game last night. It is suppose to stay hot here today also. Tomorrow will be the hottest.

    Everyone have a great day and find a way to make your kids laugh.
  5. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Timer - You snuck in on me. I agree there is not much for the kids to do inside. I am having that issue with difficult child and his bowling buddy. Doesn't help that bowling buddy is not on the same level for board games - he would be overwhelmed playing those difficult child is ready for and difficult child would be bored with the ones buddy can handle. Buddy also struggles with imagination games. I brought out a bucket of space toys to play on the table but he did not want to. difficult child says buddy is unable to join in imagination. He just doesn't get it. (He is a difficult child also)

    difficult child is loving the bird feeding activity. He had us purchase a 3rd feeder the other night and faithfully keeps them full.

  6. therese005us

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    Hi everyone. Hope you can all stay cool. Drink plenty of fluids won't you?
    today the fog didn't lift till nearly 11am, and it was so pretty looking across the dams (I think you call them ponds). I didn't even attempt the washing as it was too dull. However, still a pleasant winter's day.
    I spent the time inside again, with my renewed energy(interesting that I can actually breathe) and tidied my room, rearranged where my photocopier will go so that I can make a little "cell" for my little cherub to have her own space. Buying a small room divider on the weekend. Since we're having all three children for the weekend I won't make the new sleeping arrangements till it's only cherub, as she'll have to exit my daughter's room in favor of the German student due to arrive for 12month on 18th July. Wow! I could be rather busy for the next little while.

    My daughter slept with me last nigth, and woke me up with her hand on my back, "mum, are you alright?" She couldn't hear me wheezing, so thought I'd stopped breathing altogether!

    Up at 5.00am and racing about to get DS off to work. Then homeschool, music practise etc. supervision in between the relocating.
    I had an agent come look at my property, I've decided to sell 20 acres with a view to moving in the New Year to be closer to our church. I find out with a shock, that sellling 20 acres will be enough to make a decent offer on the property I have already fallen in love with. That means I can stay living here on the 40 acres/homestead and start preparing the new place.... if it's all in God's plan that I do this, of course.

    Pick up son, take daughter to dance classes, come home and now I'm doing a little more catch up sewing, having finally cleared my bed ready for a few hours' sleep later on. It's 10.30pm, I have a few sewing hours ahead of me yet....

    Tomorrow is a town day. I have a review with a medical authority to see if I'm still incapacitated for work and eligible for assistance (no miracles happening there, but they do it every 24 months) daughter has lacemaking, and dance classes inbetween her homeschool work and music practise, plus a presentation concert in the evening. DS has agreed to a haircut with a view to two possible interviews on Friday. I want him to have a REAL haircut - trying to convince him it will grow back is a chore - and a SHAVE! but we'll see. Bribing is sometimes the only way I can get his attention..... and that makes me feel like I'm treating him as a child.... I know, I know, he is really but he's big! so that confuses me!

    Anyway, have to get back to the sewing, I'm having such a lot of fun..

    Have a lovely Wednesday everyone....
  7. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks.

    A quick hello tonight, I've got a busy day tomorrow. Appointment with rheumatologist.

    I finally got back to choir practice tonight, after a moderately quiet day today. I'll have to do some shopping tomorrow, we need to re-stock the larder.

    So I finally got on to te computer tonight (after using an poyster knife to lever difficult child 3 off it) but now all I need to do is get him to shut up and go to bed. We get a lot of the 'talking at" us late at night. I end up chronically short of sleep...

    hopefully not tonight.

    Enjoy your Wednesday.