Good Wednesday Morning

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    Good Morning Friends,

    We went to dinner at some good friends last night and had a wonderful time. difficult child and easy child were both in great moods which was nice. Their 16 year old daughter kept difficult child busy, playing cards with him and tossing a baseball around. Later the adults all played games-kids were welcome but difficult child was sleeping, easy child playing a video game, and their daughter was tired and watching tv. It was so nice to have a night out like this. It's been too long since we had seen our good friends. It really helped that both kids were so social and appropriate:)

    Today it's back to the health club. husband and I ended up skipping our workout yesterday and slept for 3 hours instead but no skipping today. After last night's delicious dinner I need it! I truly am going to need my nap today as I'm feeling extremely tired.

    Tonight husband is driving to Milwaukee to meet up with an old college roommate who he hasn't seen since college. Should be nice for husband to get out.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  2. Rabbit

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    Good Morning friends! Its been a while... Real life and computer problems have kept me away. Hope everyone has a nice day! sending hugs to all! Rabbit

    Sharon wish I had your devotion to a health club Have a good day !
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    Your weight loss has REALLY inspired me.
    Have you been off work this summer?

    husband announced yesterday that he will REALLY join me in my healthy eating efforts.

    He has been working largely from home this summer. He is plenty busy, but has a lot of flexibility in the summers. I'm studying.
    For the past 4-6 weeks, he's brought in a lot of weird food...especially pizza. I really can't tolerate the temptation.

    difficult child has been (knock on wood, throwing salt over my shoulder) showing some signs of growth as she is seeing a very good therapist. She's been very polite, looking for a job regularly...other good things. She goes to therapy weekly and we join her in family therapy monthly.

    However, the other day, she invited two friends whose parents kicked them out of their home to live with her until they can find some other place to live. UGH! Of course, they are all CLUELESS. One has a part time job. Of course, the second the paycheck is all gone. We've been through the scenario before. It's pitiful...all the drama that comes down the road. She gets lonely and wants to help...blah blah blah. Then it hits the fan. Then she calls for help. What to do? I dunno. I'm not too inclined to help. It's unreal. One nice coincidence...Family Therapy time is this Thurs. Yippee! Believe me...husband and I will bring this up!!!!

    husband and I are hoping to take a little trip next week....perhaps a water's been HOT!

    Good to see you Rabbit...hang in there!!!!!

    Wishing everyone a lovely day!:D
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  4. Marguerite

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    G'day, family.

    Sharon/WO, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself last night. It's good to have good fun relaxing times like this. Great that the kids enjoyed themselves too, it's all part of the positive lerning experiences socially.

    Rabbit, good to see your smily face this morning. haven't seen you in a while.

    Nomad, sorry that you've had some unhealthy food choices put in front of you. Sounds like he's looking for readily available high-carb food to grab whenever he feels hungry. Trouble is, guys can lose the resultant weight much more easily than we can. I've got some alternative suggestions for you if you like - they're prepare-ahead but low-carb (depending on how much bread you add), high-protein and healthy. The fastest/easiest one - roast chicken the night before. I either roast two medium chickens or one large one (with a separate baking dish of vegetables roasting, especially pumpkin & carrot; also try roasting celeriac and fennel, go easy on the potato). Then for a fast meal next day, simply microwave some leftover chicken and vegetables. Or warm up some chicken and use it to make a sandwich with wholegrain bread (for you) spread with avocado or maybe some mayonnaise (no butter or margarine) and some lettuce. it's faster than waiting for the pizza delivery, it's just as filling and a whole lot healthier.
    To roast low-fat vegetables - I get a plastic bag with no holes, I put all the cut up vegetables in the bag (with maybe a sprinkle of herbs), toss all the vegetables around with any spicing then squirt in no more than a tablespoonful of oil, toss them around in the bag again then empty the bagful into a non-stick baking dish.

    I've had a busy week so far. I finally got easy child 2/difficult child 2's audition package posted off today. I had to drive out to see her to get her to sign the terms & conditions, I had everything else organised but I'd missed that bit. It really will be a long shot if she even gets past this stage, but she's hating her job right now, her supervisor (in my opinion) has no management skills. I found out today he's given her a "final warning" ("any more complaints about you, you're fired") but since none of them are in writing, it's not legal. Besides, none of the warnings have told her what she's doing wrong! The guy apparently doesn't speak English very well; WHY he's in the job, I just don't understand. easy child 2/difficult child 2 found out today who it is who's been complaining about her; I suspect the complaints are coming from this particular co-worker in order to cover up her own incompetence (there have been some problems which easy child 2/difficult child 2 found and which have made a lot of extra work for her).
    So I took advantage of her disgruntlement to push her to apply for a child care position (traineeship). She's got more chance of getting the child care job than of getting te TV presenter gig. But hey, getting her to apply for more than one job at a time is amazing progress!

    I had dropped the paperwork off to easy child 2/difficult child 2 but needed to talk with her in detail, so while waiting for her break I visited my old friend I met again on Sunday, we had a leisurrely cup of coffee and caught up on old times. I gave them a copy of the DVD that difficult child 3 made for school last year. Her grandson had showed an interest in it.

    I got back to easy child 2/difficult child 2, went through the paperwork, got her signature and the package back together, headed off to the post office then got the package under way. Good - done. Then headed home. A few other errands on the way, good to get them done (including buying more cough syrup!).

    Choir practice tonight plus a quick visit to mother in law to say goodbye, she's heading to the other side of the country to visit sis-in-law for her birthday. Two weeks away. She really shouldn't be going, she's too frail.

    I've got my cleaner tomorrow and thankfully it will be a sunny day so I've already got the washing machine working. husband has to get up ridiculously early in the morning (he's driving his mother to the airport on the way to work). After the cleaner's finished I've promised to take my pruning tools and mulcher to my friend's place, she's got a small tree to remove. Definitely a case for old work clothes tomorrow!

    And yet I have this weird feeling that I've really not accomplished anything much this week...

    I guess it's parenthood for you...

    Enjoy your Wednesday.

  5. Andy

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    I am sort of awake on the outside but definately asleep on the inside. What is it with this week. On Monday morning EVERYONE at work was dragging! We all needed a day off and the work day hadn't even started.

    Looks like my day will start at 8:30 normal time. I have been trying to go in early this Summer to put in the extra hours I may miss during the two week time period and do the extra job I have.

    difficult child continues to do great. Yesterday is was awesome to see him join the neighborhood kids. They started out playing baseball across the cul-de-sac, went swimming in a neighbor's pool, jumped on another neighbor's trampoline (I went and talked to the owner to make sure it was o.k.), and then down the block to yet another kid's home to look for frogs.

    Diva and husband are looking at vehicles to get rid of either the jeep or truck in the Cash for Clunkers promotion - I hope they get rid of both and get two new vehicles. EVERY place we check with sold out of Avengers YESTERDAY! The deal is suppose to go to November but the Federal funds will run dry very soon at this rate so they have to find something ASAP. It will be nice to have a second reliable vehicle in the family.

    I am dragging my feet and better get going so I am at work before 8:30. Sorry I did not take time to address each individually this morning.

    Everyone have a great day and find a way to make your kids laugh.

  6. Fran

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    Good Morning. Wednesday is half way to the weekend.

    Wiped out, what wonderful stories you have been posting about easy child and now a family night out. Toss in the weight loss and you are having a good summer. A 3 hr nap!!! You must be exhausted. Anything more than a 1/2 hr has me feeling drugged and hung over.

    Rabbitt, nice to see you. Hope you are over all the hurdles that prevented you from visiting in the AM.

    Nomad, it will be nice to have husband on board. It's tough to keep a whole home on the same eating plan but since you and husband are all alone he might as well get on board. Our doctor suggested the dysglycemic type eating plan as diabetes is in both our family trees. husband is getting pre diabetic blood sugars lately. Any how, it is high protein, low carbs(not as severe as Atkins). So we will start that tomorrow. Hope we can ALL keep to it. husband and difficult child both need to lose weight. I'm always playing with the last 10lbs but I have a vicious sweet tooth.
    Hope you and husband have good luck. Enjoy a weekend away. The water park sounds fun.

    Marguerite,being out in the garden digging up an old tree sounds like a nice change of pace even if it's hard work.
    I know what you mean about m i l being too frail to travel. The airlines do a nice job taking care of our wheel chair bound or walker bound senior citizens that my mom does pretty well.

    difficult child was invited to a concert on Saturday with one of his new friends. I can't remember the musical group. It's the first time any of the 3 new young men have called with a suggestion. Usually it's the other way around. The mother offered a free ticket but asked difficult child to drive. : ( It's a birthday gift to her son I guess. Still it's a night out with peers. Sunday the local autism society is having a cook out. husband is going to have to go with difficult child since I will be out of town. It will be good for them. LOL. even if it is beastly hot.

    Today is getting a car inspected and cleaning the kitchen. Same old, same old.

    Hope you have a wonderful day.
  7. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Andy, sorry to have missed you.
    Good news about difficult child. It's so important to have those positive social interactions with others.
    Good luck with the cars.
  8. BemLmum3

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    I thought I would give this a try...
    Good morning all.
    Sharon, that is my name too ;) but I also lack the motivation and energy to work out, good for you!

    Rabbit I am new here, but see why you came back ;)

    M you sound like you have had a very busy week!

    Andy I just love when my difficult child's make social strides, what an accomplishment.

    Fran, sounds like social is happening for your difficult child too.

    LOL It has taken me 30 minutes to write what I have, I have been up and down out of this seat 4 times. GAH I need to sign in early early before school starts around here. We do year round school with taking a couple weeks at a time for breaks. Any more than that they start to go wild, lol. My 3 difficult child need that routine and structure....

    Tomorrow is the science museum with Mimi(my mom) who does not get it. She wants to be helpful but does not want to discipline in anyway. This has been an ongoing battle with her. I have talked to her until I am blue, given her info to read and cried. She still does NOT get it. So I will be the only enforcer and it will be twice as hard because they get so woundup just from hearing the word "mimi" let alone spending time with her. So the museum should be fun but exhausting to say the least and I will definitly have a twitch by the end of the day, lol.