Good wednesday morning

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    Hello everyone!

    I hope it's okay to start the thread.

    After taking the students to school, I came home and did some washing. I
    really wanted to crawl back into my lovely cosy bed, I felt pretty washed
    out for most of the day. However, I moseyed on (as we do) and at least got the washing out. It didn't take long to dry in the heat and breeze.

    I sewed ribbons on DD12's new ballet slippers, and now that's done. The
    exam is Friday, so I'm panicking a little as I'm not familiar with that
    side of town - Brendale. However, I have printed out a step by step guide
    from 'whereis maps' so I hope not to get lost. I'll leave in plenty of time.

    I had to take DS19 for his needle appointment and then while we were
    driving there, the lady from Eisteddfod rang, she's accompanying DDl
    Thursday night in lieu of Mrs Larcombe who is still sick. she wanted to know when we'd get back into town. So, there went my spare 1 1/2 hour wherein I was going to leisurely cook dinner and help Cherub with homework.:anxious:

    Instead, we raced home, dumped off DS and German Student and I got the stove going and instructed Kate on cooking dinner (it was already prepared) and when we'd be home.

    Mrs Myatt couldn't keep up with the piece daughter wanted to play, so we
    chose an easier accompanied one, and practised that several times.

    Then, off to ballet. I stayed a little while, but then went to visit Mrs
    Mac. She was expecting me. However, when I called out, she called out
    rather feebly that she'd had a fall and couldn't get up. Luckily there is a
    new system, where some care workers come to check on her and give her medications twice a day, and the key is hidden somewhere. However, I couldn't get the
    damn key in the lock - she still had her key in the other side. So, I rang her daughter's and her grandson answered and told me that
    the key was probably in the lock the other side. He'd come and help me.
    Meanwhile, I went round the front and discovered the front door keys sitting on a table, if I could only pull the table closer - I did, and let myself in.

    It wasn't too bad, just a gash on her arm, and she was rather dazed and
    confused. got her up and administered my best Florence Nightingale attiude.
    Dressed the arm with the limited amount of bandaids available (thankfully I had a mini first aid kit in my car) and got her into the nightie and popped
    her into bed. She is really getting feeble.

    So, that was my evening. Well, after that, I picked up daughter and came
    home to a cooked dinner. A nice change.

    Now the girls are all in bed, and I'm about to follow even though it is
    still early yet, only 9pm. I need a few extra zzzs these days. My stress
    levels are almost to the max.

    Hope you all have a lovely Wednesday.....:D
  2. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning Friends,

    Trish-Wow what a day you had; I'm glad you came home to a cooked dinner! I'm glad Mrs. Mac is o.k., how scary.

    Wow, is my body having a hard time adjusting to such long days again with no naps (although I did sneak one in when husband took difficult child to drum lessons-at 7:00 at night). We didn't even get home from the club til about 9:30 again.

    Today looks like another long day and night. I'm dropping off difficult child at camp and heading to school until a bit after noon. husband is staying to take easy child to her last class of driver's ed (not her last behind the wheel) and then picking her up and taking her to his school so he can work. A friend of hers is picking her up and they are going to a movie)

    This afternoon I have an eye appointment. and then I hope to sneak in a quick nap.

    By 4:00 we have to be in a nearby town to meet with our roofer and siding guy to pick new colors for our house. By 5 we have to pick up difficult child and take him to registration at his school which ends by 6:00.

    At some point tonight we hope to eat dinner and get to the health club!!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  3. LittleDudesMom

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    ;) Good Morning!

    Trish - it's always ok to start the morning thread! What a day you've had - hopefully you are not reading this and are asleep in your cozy bed already!

    Sharon - that summer nap system certainly went by quickly for you! I'm working on adjusting difficult child and me to an ealier bedtime. It's still tough to get him up, but I'll wait until next week and start the early rise! Hope you sneak that nap in!

    I've already been to the gym this morning! easy child started a new routine this morning. Rather than the usual Power Hour, where you do cardio for 40 min, then work on abs, legs and arms, she taught a boot camp class where you do intense cardio for the full hour and work on legs, abs and arms during the cardio with lots of jumping and sprinting in the water. She worked us! Everyone seemed to really like the intense workout, so I guess she will be working us hard at 6 am now!

    She has class this morning, then back to work to teach a swim lesson at noon. After that, I'll pick her up and we have to go and get her a scooter helmet. She attends an urban university and, rather than pay for parking, my sister in law loaned her my nephew's scooter for the school year (he just got his license and is driving now). She want a bright pink one and I'm all for increased visability. She's not too far from campus, but the scooter gets her there in about five minutes or so and there is scooter and moped parking in front of most academic buildings.

    Not sure what difficult child and I will get into later today - it's always a surprise! Yesterday he used his new 24 by 36 sketch pad (easy child gave it to him for his birthday) to do some Jackson Pollock style splatter paintings!

    Have a great day all :peaceful:

  4. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks.

    Trish, I have days like that sometimes. I'm glad you got to Mrs Mac before she was lying there for too long though. by the way - go easy on names unless you changed them, one of the first things people Google when they get online, is their own name! But then, I'm paranoid about people from my real world, tracking me to here.

    Sharon/WO, once you get used to your daytime nap, it's very hard to give them up. I suggest you consider moving to Europe, especially Greece or similar, where they have a daily siesta programmed into the life of the country. Very civilised!

    Sharon/LDM, an hour of intense cardio workout - I would be exhausted just watching it. Good for her wearing a highly visible helmet. The most highly visible mototbike helmet I've ever seen, had one of those suction cup Garfield dolls stuck to it. It looked like Garfield was hanging on to the side of the rider's head, tail fluttering behind while the cat grinned into the breeze!

    I went out shopping this morning with mother in law. I didn't need much but I did need to buy meat to cook tomorrow. It's my big cooking binge day of the week, along with as much extra housework as we can get done. While mother in law was doing her grocery shopping I headed to exchange a game for difficult child 3 and on the way I got my eyes 'done' with one of those special treatments that takes away all the bags, shadows etc. I have to admit, it did look effective. The trouble is, she did one eye and because I briefly looked down it put a wrinkle in it or something, so she carefully cleaned it off and did the other eye. I had warned her I'm allergic to cosmetics with preservatives and she couldn't tell me what was in it (apart from minerals like magnesium - which I suspect is epsom salts) and even though she wascareful, I think I got a slight trace in my eye. Over the rest of the day, my other eye began to get sore as well. Nothing major, just eyes feeling as if I stayed up for two days straight watching a movie marathon.
    So I have a good excuse for not buying the stuff, at the bargain basement price of $99. I might play around with some chemicals a bit but I strongly suspect it is simply epsom salts in a sorbolene base. It's the long advertorial TV ads that make it so expensive!

    I took a different way back so I wouldn't have to go past that stall again, which took me past the boutique clothing stores. So I peeked to see if any of them had something I could consider, as "mother of the bride" for easy child 2/difficult child 2's wedding. I found a lovely dress (several of them, but I only bougt one) in easy child 2/difficult child 2's favourite designer's store.

    So at last I have something to wear to the wedding. It is sleeveless and shows off my 'batwings' unfortunately, but a pale lacy shrug or wrap will take care of that.

    Only five weeks to go!

    Enjoy your Wednesday.

  5. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good morning my dear friends. It's another hot steamy August day in N. Carolina. Sigh.

    Trish, what a hectic day for you. Sounds like you kept it all together though. I dislike having my schedule changed suddenly but that's life isn't it? Once I get too inflexible I end up being an old lady curmudgeon.
    How sad about your friend who fell. It's a worry. My mom recently fell as she was going to sit on the kitchen chair. She hit into the wall and landed on the floor. Couldn't get up for an hour or so. She refuses to call 911 for help or call family. She is so stubborn and a difficult child in her own right. Being on blood thinners is keeping her alive and active but it allowed her to bleed profusely from the fall so that her whole upper arm was black and blue(mostly eggplant purple). How wonderful that you checked up on her and helped her to bed.

    Wiped out, I feel your pain. When your body wants a nap, the craving is like an addiction to drugs. Fortunately, it passes and you can go on to the full days we Americans come to think of as productive. Hope you get a break.

    Marguerite, good for you for getting a dress for the wedding. I know you must be relieved. I hate those batwings but what can you say? It's just age.

    LDM, I'll be joining you for bootcamp work out after Labor Day. If I don't start working out, they will find me passed out on the street. It is 5 days a week for 4 wks. I am hoping it will jump start my exercise routine. I have really not done a routine since I moved 2 yrs ago. It's time. I worry about muscle mass loss and all that stuff that comes with my age group.

    I am hoping to not jinx it but difficult child is doing exceptionally well. He is in pretty good shape to get the job he applied for. A background check is being done.
    He is dating a young lady who seems to be someone with similar interests but different life skills. There seems to be a good relationship developing. difficult child told her to slow down and get to know him better before they decide to be a regular dating couple. Pretty mature thinking for difficult child.
    Apartment living is something that will happen in the next year if a roommate is found.
    He finished up the laundry without being told when I was unable to do so. Big, big step for difficult child.
    He drove from Minnesota to Pittsburgh with my baby sis to help her yesterday. It's a good 16hr drive and through Chicago. difficult child did the driving through Chicago which is intimidating to a NT person.
    He will visit with my family for a week and then help sis drive back with her two boys.

    easy child is in his dorm with 3 roommates. He seems very happy and settled. He is determined to learn and to enjoy life. He even cooked dinner last night. Pretty shocking since I have never seen him willingly approach anything but the microwave. Life is looking promising for both son's.

    I am hoping this will be a good year for all of us.

    Have a good day.
  6. Marguerite

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    Stop Press: I just tried the dress on for husband, and he pointed out that it's too tight. I had left the shop for a whhile to go find mother in law then went back to say, "I'll take it after all, it was size 14" (remember Aussie sizes are different). I must have got a different dress, either slightly smaller, or a misbadged 12 or something. I can take it back; husband is off for the day next Tuesday, if I take it back then, I can get him to help me choose.

    Maybe the next size up will be OK, but the 16 I tried on did feel a bit too big. But there was another lovely bronze dress...