Good Wednesday Morning!

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    Good Middle of the Week ;)!

    Everyone around here is talking about a potential repeat of the snow storm we had in December! We are supposed to have really cold temps come in Friday am and then snow starting Friday afternoon and continuing for 24 hours. The sleds are rushing off the shelves!

    Going to the gym for class this morning. I usally call easy child around 1/2 hour before class to just say good morning and make sure she is up and ready to treach! I just got a call from her. She just left the sculpture building after pulling an all nighter! She has a sculpture due tomorrow. Apparently it's not unusual because she said there were three of them in her classroom and various other students throughout the building all night. I'm sure she will be dragging by the time her last class is over at 5! I remember those days.....

    Wishing all a good day :D We are halfway to the weekend :tongue:

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    G'day for Wednesday!

    Sharon/LDM, I hope easy child gets her sculpture handed in before the snowstorm hits. Keep safe... but part of me is jealous, if you have somewhere inside safe and warm, it does sound exciting. Our snowstorm experience is limited to that one time in New Zealand. By your standards, it was probably nothing. We got about 15 cm over about 6 hours and for a lot of that, we were out in it playing. But it was not the last of it and it did cause a lot of havoc, they said it was the biggest snowfall in 30 years, and this was in a ski resort area, too!

    We had a moderately hot day today but with frequently overcast skies. I wanted to get to the beach but there was just too much to do. difficult child 3 got back to school - first day of the new school year. Of course today was a pupil free day, but I didn't tell him that. For a correspondence student, I've told him, there are no such things as pupil free days. But I do go easy on him as we ease into the new school year.

    husband & I went out this afternoon to run errands and do a little shopping. We got back a bit late, husband had to see the chiropractor and do some hardware shopping - it's easy to lose a guy in a hardware store!

    We got home and got cooking. Or rather, chopping. We'd planned some sort of stir-fry for dinner, again cooking it down at mother in law's so we know she is eating a healthy meal. Lately she's been too tired to eat, or too tired to cook for herself. Not good. At least this way, we know she's eating well.

    While we were out, mother in law's rehab specialist from the hospital called me. We're going to have to keep a diary on her now she's turning into a difficult child as well to a certain extent. It's going to be tricky... because most difficult children at least are allowed to know they're being difficult children. mother in law will get VERY difficult if she catches on that we're concerned about possible mild dementia.

    oh dear...

    Still, it is easier on us to keep an eye on her and just toss in an extra serve's worth when I'm cooking.

    Tomorrow is my cleaning day again - I need to call the agency and sort out some extra help for mother in law, and also try to do something about my idiot cleaner who has blotted his copybook for the last time. Trouble is, he's a sort of friend of mine, I don't want to cause trouble for him but at the same time, he IS incompetent. Another difficult child, very much so. But his life has been a mess lately (again, his own fault) and I don't want to add more to his troubles than necessary. I need to find a way to extricate myself somehow, without him knowing I've had it with him. But I will have to have it out with him tomorrow, to a certain extent - I mean, a vacuum cleaner is not a magic wand making things vanish. You need to pick things up off the floor before you vacuum, or you block the machine. again. And again. Until it overheats. Again. And again. This time we found a very bright, very large, colourful scrunchie jammed deep inside the hose of the vacuum cleaner. And my idiot cleaning mate said he had no idea why the thing was not working properly, maybe I should take it back to the shop and complain!

    I am not looking forward to tomorrow. But I am looking forward to hopefully sorting this out with the agency, as tactfully as possible. I suspect I'm just about the only client this guy has left. mother in law used to be a client until he began to preach at her (not permitted by the agency). We know of others who have complained about him also.

    Definitely not looking forward to this. But after it's all done, I have an appointment with my hairdresser tomorrow afternoon. Time to get my hair trimmed/streaked again.

    Enjoy your Wednesday.

  3. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning Friends,

    Sharon-Wow-an all nighter plus having to teach water aerobics-give easy child a hug for me. I only remember pulling one all nighter ever-my body just can't handle them! I'm glad you will be getting some snow-I know how much you love it:)

    Marg-Stir fry sounds delicious! Wishing you luck with your friend/cleaning person. You are in a difficult spot.

    It's cold here this morning-back to winter in Wisconsin. With the wind chill it is -7. Tomorrow our high is 11. We were definitely spoiled with temps in the 30s last weekend.

    Today is our school spelling bee-I'm the bee director and have been for about 10 years-it's a job no one else wants, yet not a difficult one. After school difficult child has a therapist appointment. Then it's home. Don't know whether or not I'll go to the club or do my Wii Fit. We'll see what type of energy I have left as I'm very tired this morning. The last few days I've been going to the club and Wii Fitting! It may be time for a day off.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day-we're almost to Friday:D
  4. timer lady

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    Good morning all,

    Sharon, wow - 2 snow storms in one season! That's unusual for you guys. Have fun in the snow.

    Marg, sounds like mother in law is really struggling. I remember going through this with my grandfather before having to move him to assisted living. That happened because my mom was too ill to handle him at home. Please don't let this go too far - mother in law may need some in home care at the very least.

    My morning is full - I see my physiatrist (sp?) this morning; check on the new medication I'm taking & then home to be met by kt's team for a staffing. Need a new risk management plan written & then I need to sign a bunch of paperwork for wm.

    Afternoon is free - nap time!

    A good day to you all.
  5. Marguerite

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    Thanks, Linda. mother in law already gets home care. It's actually home care that gets me my cleaner (and hers) and which I have to sort out tomorrow. I may have to sacrifice my home care in order to resolve the problems. One reason they let mother in law come home as soon as they did, was because we live so close by. We're also getting a VitalCall for her, but until then we've asked her to telephone us each morning to make sure she's OK. Failure to telephone by 9 am has us going down to her place to physically check her out for ourselves.

    I've got to head for bed - it's after midnight here! I need to be on deck with my wits about me for the cleaner in the morning. At least one of us has to have a functioning brain!