Good Wednesday Morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning Friends,

    We made it to the middle of the week! Friday will be here soon:)

    Long day ahead. After work I'm starting a class that will meet every other Wednesday until May. i'm actually looking forward to it because I haven't really done much extended learning for myself since I received my Masters. A bonus is that my cousin's wife is in the class and I haven't seen her in ages!

    After that I will still need to kill 45 minutes before picking up easy child/difficult child. I'm hoping to get to the club tonight but feeling like it might be an early to bed night.

    Got some great news yesterday! My sister who has been working full time and going to nursing school (not to mention she has 3 boys and a husband) for the past 4 years passed her state board exams in Minnesota. I'm so excited for her I could just burst!

    Since starting nursing school I haven't seen her as she has been more than just a bit busy. The last weekend in March easy child/difficult child and I are going to go to Minnesota for a visit (we're leaving husband and difficult child at home). I cannot wait to see her!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  2. Marguerite

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    G'day for Wednesday.

    It's feeling tropical here right now. Very hot and humid. What rain we have is misty and warm, more like humidity condensing out rather than showers. Anywhere indoors out of the cooler night air, is hot and unpleasant, even when standing right in front of an air conditioner (as I was tonight at a friend's place).

    We had a quieter day at home. I saw the physiotherapist this morning. Crikey, she's good! Nothing major in terms of movement - just small movements, very gentle exercises with minimal effort which somehow are helping my body gain strength in areas I've not known for over 20 years.

    husband took mother in law down for her physio appointment this afternoon. Although there is seemingly little physical involved, it is still tiring.

    I got home in time to fix lunch, then had a quieter afternoon while difficult child 3 finished more schoolwork. I had been expecting a call from the cleaning agency but they never called so I rang them. Again. The person I needed to talk to had gone home for the day (again - did the same thing on Monday) and I left a message. Again. She will be in on Friday. My cleaner comes on Thursdays, so I've got him tomorrow. I've cancelled for next week - doctor's appointment anyway.

    So tomorrow is cleaning day, also usually washing day. With the high humidity and frequent light showers, nothing I wash will dry. Normally I look forward to opportunities to clean house with help. I've been increasingly dreading this guy's "help". Sometimes he can do the job; sometimes he can't do it well or he fouls up badly. I can never be sure. He's not sneaky or anything, just incompetent a lot of the time. Head in the clouds, not much clue. He's told me he's bipolar but I'm not sure he's on his medications. And I've never seen him manic, but I've often seen him very depressed. He did tell me about it when he was caught in the act of "pleasuring himself" on a public train (difficult child 1 had seen police escorting him off the train the day before - I gather the act had been seen on CCTV and cops had been called to meet the train). That made me feel very uncomfortable. I'm fairly sure the guy considers me a friend, but outside his work for me, we don't actively mix. We cross paths (it's a small village) and sometimes chat in the street, but he's not someone I'd normally visit socially.

    Very awkward.

    Well, we'll see what tomorrow brings.

    Enjoy your Wednesday.

  3. timer lady

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    Morning friends,

    Sharon (wiped out), congrats to sis & her accomplishment!
    Marg, I'm so glad that cleaning person will be in for the last time ~ he'd make me edgy as well.

    I spent the majority of yesterday in bed - just not feeling well. Up for in home therapist with kt. kt has therapist appointment today for EMDR & in home therapist will be transporting kt, thank goodness.

    I've spent a great deal of time learning 2 new pieces of music while "finessing" the 3 I've been working on since Oct of last year. I think we may be moving on to a Chopin piece.

    Today is sleep, practice, paint & sleep before kt gets home. GP put me on another anti viral so hopefully this overwhelming fatigue & off feeling will back off soon.

    Have a good one - keep it calm.
  4. crazymama30

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    Good morning all!!

    WO, your cousin has done great. I hope to get into the nursing program here, and love to hear success stories. I am glad you get to spend time with her.

    Marg, your house cleaner guy is creepy. Every time you write about him it creeps me out. I guess at least he thinks he is your friend, that may keep you safer.

    Timer, hope that antiviral starts kicking in soon. That feeling of fatigue is gnarly.

    I work today, then home to relax. Am fighting off a cold, and do feel a little better today. Hopefully work does not set me back.