Good Wednesday Morning

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    Good Morning Friends,

    We've made it to the middle of another week and here it is to be sunny and 74-another perfect spring day.

    Today during school a parent who gives massages is giving us 10 minute massages for free as a part of teacher appreciation week. (LDM, the official teacher appreciation week was two weeks ago-that week our principal did stuff and last week and this week our pto is doing stuff-it almost feels like teacher appreciation month-lol)

    After school I have my last class and then I'm heading home. husband will visit difficult child today. Hopefully we'll hit the club tonight-I need it-lately I'm on the old see food diet-I see food and I eat it-argh!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
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    Good Middle of the Week Morning ;)

    Sharon, I thought TAW was standard everywhere! Golly gee, enjoy that massage!

    I am real tired this morning. Ended up over easy child's apart after work yesterday afternoon working with she and my cousin on getting her old place packed and organized for the move. Then I picked up difficult child, ran an errand, picked up easy child and went to Lowes, then to her new apart to unpack and help organize the bath and kitchen - got home at 8:30...... The "BIG" move - furniture - will be Friday but we are trying to get all the smalls done so it will be smoother. Her place is really nice.

    Going to drop difficult child at school this morning and hit Target for a couple things, then back home to do some laundry and prep for difficult child's final middle school IEP meeting morning. We had one a couple months ago, but not all the changes made it in so just difficult child's case worker and I are meeting. Hopefully I can get all that done by noon when my cousin and I are supposed to meet up at easy child's old place to help organize and pack some more - it's the bedroom and living room today.

    I think I'll need one of Sharon's massages this evening - or maybe just a soak in the hot tub!

    Have a great Wednesday!

    Sharon :peaceful:
  3. Wow, it's hard to believe that it is already the middle of the week!

    Sharon (WO), a massage is a wonderful teacher appreciation gift! That's something I wish that I had thought of when my guys were in school. Enjoy. I hear what you hear about the "see food" diet. I'm there with you....

    Sharon (LDM), moving is so stressful ... you are a wonderful Mom to help out so much. I know easy child really appreciates the assistance. Do get that soak in the hot tub afterwards.

    husband took difficult child and myself along to New Orleans for a business trip last week. The weather was great, the food was awesome (no shortage of seafood), and we had a wonderful time. difficult child really surprised us with his flexibility. Travel has always been somewhat of a chore with him, made even more difficult by his limited diet. He "stepped out" and tried lots of new foods. Maybe it has something to do with the charm of New Orleans? He even went shopping and bought himself a snazzy hat. It may not sound like a lot, but this is all a huge step forward for him.

    We came home to the nice news that difficult child maintained his "B" average for his second semester of college. This means he maintains his Hope Scholarship. All in all, good news all the way around. Our second good news is that sister in law and her husband are coming to visit this weekend. We've tried to step in and have holiday get-togethers since husband's Mom has passed away. His siblings and their children are scattered from one coast to the next - and this sister has not been able to come for several years. She was a real estate agent, and since the market has tanked, she has taken up jewelry making. Her business has taken off beyond expectations, and she's participating in a jewelry show in town here this weekend. We're looking forward to seeing her and her husband; they are such good folks.

    easy child called us yesterday. He is attempting a thru hike of the Appalachian Trail. I still can't believe he is doing this, it's such a big goal. He's almost to Virginia and has made a lot of new trail buddies. The first week was very tough for him, as the weather turned unexpectedly cold - but he has hung in there. I'm just so glad that he sometimes encounters cell service and can call. He's hoping to make it through to New Hampshire by the end of September... we'll see. Thus far he's been making twenty miles a day - and his trail name is "Mercury". LOL

    It looks to be a beautiful day here today. My boss called me last night and offered me an extra telework day today, so I am enjoying my work day here at home. It's a good thing, because I'm still pretty tired after our trip.

    I hope everyone can find some quiet moments of peace for themselves today.

  4. SearchingForRainbows

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    Good Morning Everyone,

    Sharon (WO), Hope you have a bit of time to enjoy that nice weather. It's raining and cool here today. Enjoy that chair massage!!! And, remember, "A minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips," "more snacks, tighter, slacks." YOU CAN DO THIS!!! Hope you have a healthy day!!!

    Sharon (LDM), What an exhausting day you had!!! Today sounds just as busy... Hope everything goes well at the IEP meeting. I agree - You definitely could use one of those chair massages!!! I hope you have a bit of time to yourself this evening to relax!!!

    This morning was hectic. easy child is "dog sitting" for our neighbors while they're on vacation. Normally, she needs a stick of dynamite to get out of bed. She had to take care of their dogs at 6 a.m. Needless to say, it is best to stay far, far away from her, lol... difficult child 2 was a total PITA. Just a typical morning. I'm going to skip my morning jog because of the weather. I'm not ambitious enough to use the treadmill. However, I have lots of housework to do. It must count for something, lol... Got to have one more cup of caffeine and then put in a load of laundry.

    Hope everyone has a good day... SFR
  5. SearchingForRainbows

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    Good Morning Valerie,

    I'm just too slow in the morning... I'm glad you had a great trip and were able to enjoy difficult child's company too:D. What an ambitious easy child you have!!! You'll have to keep us posted on his progress... Enjoy your sister in law and her husband's company this weekend. Have a great day... SFR
  6. Marguerite

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    G'day, people.

    Sharon/WO, those massages sound good. I'm sitting here with a hot pack on my shoulder right now.

    Sharon/LDM, it's always a busy time, moving.

    1DAAT, I'm glad the New Orleans trip was so successful, especially for difficult child trying new things. We have had the same problems with difficult child 3 and his fussiness over routine and foods. Good news about his results, too. Also the upcoming visit with sister in law and her husband - that should be really good for you all.

    I just got in from choir practice. We had a few hours of clear sky today, but for the rest of the time - rain. Everything is soggy and my pond in the front garden is full again, with frogs partying (by the sound of it). difficult child 3 wants to kill them all, it's right outside his bedroom window.

    We had a quiet day at home, difficult child 3 actually worked fairly well today, but did not complete his work so I've told him it's being posted off tomorrow as it is. I'm not letting him spend any more time on it, it's way overdue. I've been working on costumes for the play, I've made good progress on a tutu for easy child 2/difficult child 2. I should finish the next layer of tulle on it tomorrow and take it out to try it on her. I've got to find some lover-the-elbow green gloves somewhere.

    I got in to see my physiotherapist this afternoon, it was her first day back after five weeks overseas (and also finding plane flights around the volcano).

    Tomorrow difficult child 3 has a dentist appointment at the oh-so-appropriate time of 2.30. mother in law is probably coming with us, then we have to get home in time to cook dinner. Friday - hopefully we can stay home so difficult child 3 can get more work done.

    It's a busy time.

    Enjoy your Wednesday.