Good Wednesday Morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by tiredmommy, Sep 1, 2010.

  1. tiredmommy

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    Good Morning. :coffee2:

    My little bout of insomnia seems to be coming to an end... I only woke up 20 minutes before I intended. The weather continues to be pretty sultry with an air quality advisory in place so Duckie's asthma is still bothering her. The poor kid is on double maintenance medications and had to use the nebulizer last night. It doesn't help that they've been rehearsing in an old church with no air conditioning, on the second floor. She's fairly done in by the time she gets home. At least she's off today!

    My new sectional arrived yesterday and I just love it! It is so comfy and the color is a beautiful dark sage. The accent pillows match the drapes perfectly! I still have to hang a pub-style mirror by the dining set, haul out my old rocker-glider and ottoman (my niece will take on Friday), get one more piece of framed artwork and a hanging wine rack. And I'm done. Finally... done!!!

    Duckie and I will be heading over to my aunt's house today so she can hang with her twin cousins. She's so excited... it should be fun. I also have to get a re-wash on my car and pick up a free cup of coffee at Dunkin' Donuts because I got a coupon in Sunday's paper. It's good for a free cup every Wednesday through 9/22. :thumbsup:

    Have a great day! :salute:
  2. LittleDudesMom

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    Good Middle of the Week Morning!!!

    TM, glad you are getting back on your sleep schedule. Redecorating and refreshing is so much fun! I just pulled the carpet out of my living room and had forgotten what beautiful pine floors I had under there! Makes everything look different! Post a picture of your "new room" on Facebook - would love to see it. Try the cinnamon spice coffee at daughter - that's my fav. I have a Kurig coffee pot but use the Perfect Pod Ezy Cup filters so I can use my own coffee (rather than the Kcups which can get pretty pricy - but I love the fresh cup of coffee every time!) and the daughter cinnamon spice is my favorite!

    Housework, stop - take cousin to doctor, get a fedex out for her, make a Target return, housework, stop - pick up cousin at doctor, housework, take dog to vet at 4:20 for ear problem and nail cutting! So that's the day in an eggshell. Have to take Spot to the vet for nail cutting because he is traumatized when his nails are touched so they actually have to put him under! Not cheap!

    Hope your Wednesday is productive and smooth.

  3. Marguerite

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    G'day, people.

    TM, I'm glad you got more sleep. Enjoy your coffee & donut later.

    Sharon/LDM, sounds like an expensive time at the vet, and a busy day coming up.

    We just got back from mother in law's tonight. I went down early to put a roast dinner on, I took my (now dry) oil painting down and did a little highlighting on it while mother in law watched. I've left it and my easel down there (tabletop easel) in her spare room, so it can finish drying there. I'll probably frame it and hang it down there for her. I won't be needing my painting gear for a few days, I'll be too busy and by the time I want it, the painting will be dry.

    difficult child 3 wasted a lot of time today but when he got going, he finished his work for the day. Tomorrow I have to give him two exams. I had hoped to get him to do a bit more study first. It still might happen if I can get his first exam done quickly.

    I also have a conference call tomorrow, from the school. Part of staffing committee business. Tomorrow is the last chance to do the exams, because Friday I have to take difficult child 3 to the therapist, we're also taking mother in law with us and dropping her off at the mall.

    It was warm today, very pleasant. The smell of jasmine and murraya in the air is heavenly tonight; very strong. The murraya smells like orange blossom and mixes wonderfully with jasmine and wisteria. The wattle near the house is finishing flowering, it's still golden and smells of honey, though.
    I didn't go to the beach - despite the warmth it was overcast, and not as inviting as I'd hoped. And we just won't have time tomorrow.

    Enjoy your Wednesday.

  4. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good morning everyone. Happy Sept 1st. The summer did whip by this year except for the intense heat. It dragged on and on and continues to drag on.

    TM, your living and dining area sound perfectly lovely and so cozy. My husband loves big couches for napping when he has a few minutes to do something like that. I hope your family enjoys all the work you have put into it.
    Sorry to hear about Duckie's breathing challenges. It's pretty worrisome when every breath you take is such work because of allergies and weather.

    LDM, the pine floors sound so pretty. I bet they lighten everything up. My wood floors are dark. Not something I would have picked but they grew on me and feel appropriate for the time this house was designed. At some point they need to be refinished since there are lots of doggie scratches. I got my 2 runners yesterday. Over the last three years, one of the other puppies used them as their area to leave body fluids from one end or the other. Despite having them cleaned they are stained. I bought exact replacements that will stay in the closet until the time that I am entertaining or it's a special occasion. LOL. The new ones will be brought out. It's a good thing I love them.

    Marguerite, you are multi talented between painting, writing, singing, cooking, planting, etc. I have no creative skills but I try to make up for it by being a good worker bee. : ) How's M I L doing?
    difficult child 3 sounds like he is doing more and more of his school work on his own schedule but within the time frame allowed. This is a good thing.

    difficult child is in Va. visiting his friend before he starts the move to Texas. I am in the process of getting all that fun paperwork done and hoping to make a decision whether to drivie the rental truck and carrier with difficult child's car or to have someone else accompany difficult child on the drive. I know one thing, the days of me carrying furniture up and down steps are long gone. I put in my 30 or 40 yrs of moving furniture. LOL. I will be in Texas for a week with difficult child to get all his stuff set up. I'm grateful that my sister and one of my good friends are there to help if difficult child runs into a problem.

    I got a laser treatment to my eyes yesterday. I had an intraocular lens put in for my distance vision but I developed scar tissue on the lens to the point that I was virtually blind for reading distance. The laser made an amazing difference in less than 12 hrs. Now I need to do eye exercises to keep building the strength. I am grateful for the ability to see and to be able to read.

    Hope you all have a good and productive day.
  5. hearts and roses

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    Good morning all!

    A day at the office. Had my first class last evening - went until 10PM, I am pooped. the professor is a bit loopy and annoying, I hope I can ignore that and learn from her! Tonight is my second class, also a late one! Busy busy, all of us, huh? Have a great Wednesday!
  6. TerryJ2

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    TM, sorry about the asthma. It's so hard when it's hot like this. Hey, *I* want a new couch. Enjoy yours for me, okay? I heard that Dunkin Donuts competes with-Starbucks in reg to coffee. Go figure.
    I'm so glad you got some sleep. It makes all the difference.

    Sharon, arg, having to put your dog under to have his nails clipped! Best of luck. Your floor sounds lovely. And the smell of cinammon and coffee together is fabulous.

    Marg, can you take a picture of your oil painting and post it on the WC? I'd love to see it. The floral smells sounds wonnnnnderful!!!

    Fran, wow, awesome laser treatment! That is so neat.
    I know what you mean by furniture lugging up the stairs. Ugh.
    I hope you two are well on your way to TX b4 the storm hits.

    Hearts and Roses, it seems like there are more loopy profs than not. Don't know why. Best of luck with-your class.

    difficult child is home sick with-a cold. Luckily, today is a half day so he's not missing much. I hope he goes back tomorrow. Every yr, he catches a cold when school starts. At least I got him to take zinc, C, and Sudafed. That's a miracle!
    We're supposed to go to the Outer Banks for Labor Day. Looks like Hurricane Earl may put the skids on that. All we can do is wait and see.
    The sun is out and it's hot and gorgeous in the meantime.
    I'm meeting my cousin at the dentist to get her dentures fitted, in preparation for having her teeth pulled this month. The fun never ends!