Good Wednesday Morning

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    Good Morning Friends,

    Looks like another night where I'm not getting enough sleep:bloodshot: Really I should go exercise but even though I can't sleep I have little ambition to get out of bed. I really need to get in more exercise because then I sleep so much better!

    Long day ahead; after work difficult child has therapist appointment. and both kiddos have psychiatrist appts. I will need to miss my NAMI class tonight for the appointments which is too bad because it looks like I'll be missing the best class yet.

    Getting excited for tomorrow; we are having "Beach Day" and we will be dressing in shorts, sunglasses, etc... We will also sit on beach towels most of the day and everything we teach will have a summer theme. We are going to celebrate at the end of the day with a build your own sundae bar. I also have leis for all of my students and bubbles too. Should be a lot of fun!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day if only in your heart.:starplucker:
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    Good Morning Sharon and all to follow!

    Sharon, I too was up really early this morning! For me, if I get up and then can't fall back asleep within like 10 or 15 minutes, I just get up - doesn't happen often to me though.....Sounds like you really could use the sleep since you have a busy two days ahead - :beach: love the beach day idea when it's cold and wintery outside!

    It's a cold and rainy morning here with the rain turning to snow late this afternoon. But no real chance of a mess around here since the ground will be very wet and above freezing - but it will still be pretty coming down! You know I'll take my snow any way I can :snowing:.

    Preparing for difficult child's first high school IEP meeting - it's annual review and the first opportunity for me to really see how the system works at this school - the meeting is tomorrow about an hour before difficult child pickup. I will make sure my binder is up to date and type a few areas I wish to discuss that I want added to the parent input on the IEP. It's a Deviled Beef in the crock pot dinner night....I also am making some Thai red curry chicken and veggies for some friends that have a little one in the hospital. A few household chores will round out the day!

    I hope your day is warm and calm :salute:

  3. Marguerite

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    G'day, people.

    Sharon/WO, it's a shame you're missing your best NAMI class. But therapist appointments are important. The beach day sounds like fun - I wish I could send you some summer sea air! Let me know if you want photos.

    Sharon/LDM, sounds like you have a busy day cooking. Enjoy your snow!

    difficult child 3's birthday today - he's 17. It was also Australia Day. Hottest Australia Day in 30 years today, they said. I had to go to the shops at lunchtime, I couldn't believe the crowds! Cars parked three deep across footpaths meant I had to go on the road (on my mobility scooter) to get anywhere. No way could I have taken the car - it was almost immovable, gridlock. Insane, in our quiet village.

    difficult child 1 & daughter in law came over for the day. The boys played computer games and stayed indoors all day.
    At about 2 pm I scooted myself to the beach. I thought my usual beach, not the main town one, wouldn't be so bad - I was wrong. My usual quiet spot where I can sit and read the paper and be almost alone in the quiet - there were hundreds of people, standing room only, almost. Hundreds of people in a beach that's about 60 metres from one side to the other. Ball games everywhere and some very loud parties with barbecues, heavy base beats thumping out loudly. The rest of the beach, the larger part over a kilometre long, was packed with more people and the water full of boats. I had a short swim, sat and read my newspaper (or tried to) then headed home. Very glad I had my own electric wheels to get in and out. I've never seen so many cars in the town, or so many people. I was glad the boys had stayed behind. Crowds like that are not easy for them.

    When I went back down later on with daughter in law and husband, there were many people pouring off the beach and heading for the cars. Then we saw cops escorting a lot of them up the path. So it looked like some of the noisier parties had been broken up. However, the place was still crowded. We had a good swim, cooled off a bit, then headed home.

    Most of the people were either wearing or waving Australian flags. It was interesting looking around - Australia has become a real melting pot, you could see representatives form many different cultural backgrounds, all united under one flag. As it should be.

    We've just got back from dinner at mother in law's. The wind has picked up, but it's a warm wind, there isn't a lot of relief from the heat. Tomorrow will also be hot, maybe not quite so bad. Hopefully the crowds will be lessened, especially with the new school year starting on Friday. We'll see. easy child 2/difficult child 2 & SIL2 are coming over to visit, a day late for GF3's birthday but he's OK with it.

    Enjoy your Wednesday.

  4. SearchingForRainbows

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    Good Morning Everyone,

    Sharon (WO), Beach Day sounds like lots of fun!!! Maybe just thinking tropical thoughts will make it seem warmer.... ENJOY!!!

    Sharon, (LDM), We're expecting more snow beginning this evening - Will send it your way, lol... Hope all goes well with the IEP meeting. by the way, just reading about what you're cooking is making me hungry and I just finished breakfast, lol...

    Marg, HAPPY B-DAY TO difficult child 3!!! HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY!!! (Although by now both are already over, lol...) Glad you got to enjoy the beach later on in the day. I don't know which is worse - The extreme heat you're having or the extreme cold in parts of the USA.

    Speaking of cold - I'm headed back to the kitchen for another cup of HOT coffee... Then it's work... Hope everyone has a good day... SFR