Good Wednesday Morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, Oct 5, 2011.

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    Happy Wednesday Friends,

    The day is off to a peaceful start (can you tell difficult child is still sleeping:)). It is going to be another glorious day here-temps nearing 80 and it's hard to believe it's October. However, the fall colors are increasingly beautiful.

    After work I'm going out to dinner with my teaching team! Then I'm coming home and filling out the much put off Katie Beckett Form as the interviewer is coming tomorrow and we have to have the application filled out. When, oh when, will I finally remember to copy it since we have to fill out the same form every year?

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day
  2. buddy

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    Yeah for record highs here in MN!!!! We finally got a real Fall....last year we were ripped off by storms that blew the leaves off righ away. This year is amazing.
    Have a wonderful day everyone. Today is one of my every 3 weeks IEP reviews to discuss difficult child's bip and how things are going....after last weeks suspension I suspect my emails will be on the agenda....Other than that, I know they are discussing a peer mentoring thing they are doing this year with him. "trained" a few 8th graders to spend time with him. They are really excited and he has had one visit so far, they said it went well! Here's hoping for a good meeting....

    Thanking you all....Buddy
  3. Good morning everyone. Stormy day here in northern CA! And I am loving it, soooo ready for fall/winter. Today I need to do a "lick and a promise" as my Mom would say, a light house cleaning with the promise that I will do better soon, lol! Gotta love those old fashioned sayings! Then this afternoon, Aly's annual IEP. Amazing how I don't dread those anymore. After that, come home and hunker down, supposed to be an awesome storm complete with light show! yippee! I know, I'm weird, but I love weather!

    Well, have a great day everyone, hugs, Vickie