Good Wednesday morning....

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We've made it halfway through the week. It promises to be a warm & humid day today, so I'd like to get a pasta salad made early this morning & in the fridge for dinner.

Nothing on the calendar except PT coming in to work with me. My piano instructor is trying to sneak in a few at home lesson.

kt's new cell phone arrives today - she's a tad excited. I expect her to run through her minutes very quickly. Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) worker has been working with kt on budgeting (including cell minutes).

Have a wonderful day - keep it calm. As always, I plan on it.


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Morning Linda ~ hope you enjoy your day. Good luck with the phone thing, difficult child 2 has been through several. He usually uses all his minutes texting, which is what eats up the minutes.

Nothing exciting today. Boys to camp, me to work. Dylan got a perfect bill of health from the dentist Monday. Yay. He was proud of himself.

We toured the Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) yesterday afternoon. They will accept him, for sure, it's all a matter of paperwork now. 8-10 months, but he could be out as early at 6 (but no earlier than 6). They had the stables and riding rings, 4 horses. Pet, art, music, horticultural and dance therapies. He could do one, two or all, up to him. We toured one of the houses, the school (bummer he can't stay in regular school, didn't like that) and the outside, looks very nice. Dylan, of course, was scared to death. Don't blame him. It's still not 100% I'm sending him. He'll probably go, but I haven't finalized anything yet.

Not to mention the psychiatrist that heads this thing is the dope that sent home the Depakote prescription in Dylan's bookbag back in 2002 when he was in that partial. Remember THAT story? Ugh. Moron. Supposedly he cannot do anything without my OK. I'm not giving up any custody or rights, so, ehh.

Alot to think about.

Hope you all enjoy your day.

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Good Morning,

Linda-Pasta salad sounds yummy! It's a staple around here in the summer. I wouldn't mind a few new recipes. I have two I make but change is always good! I can imagine kt being very excited for her cell phone. I hope you are able to get in your piano lessons!

Janna-Wishing you luck with all of your decision making. I know it's not easy. I hope you enjoy your day even with with nothing exciting going on! Sometimes those are the best days. :smile:

This morning after we drop off easy child we are taking difficult child to his psychiatrist appointment. We have a lot to bring up so I hope this is a 40 minute appointment. We usually have the longer ones but this one was changed so I'm not sure.

Late today I'm trying a new exercise class. It is a Nordic walking class. It takes place outside and uses poles. Should be interesting as it is suppose to be hot and humid today! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/hot.gif Of course, if it rains I'm not going!

I hope everyone enjoys a day with some unexepected fun! :kisses:


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Good Morning on a lovely Wednesday in July.
Janna, sounds like a well cared for Residential Treatment Facility (RTF). Hope things work out for your difficult child.
Linda, I love the kids having cells. They can not escape my watchful eye. LOL. It's a good thing for kids starting out towards independence. You can always check with them. Learning to budget minutes is a good carrot and stick type thing.
Sharon, hope you have a peaceful day.

I met Sequioa and Allstressedout last night. Stella Johnson came with me (I met her before)LOL. It's been a while since I met some new members. As always, it's like we knew each other forever. No lack of conversation. The ability to relate to each other makes it an easy introduction. They are both very caring, hard working and very good dinner company. Hopefully we can meet up again.

Today is running around as usual.
Hope your day is a good one.


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Good morning. :coffee:
Linda- I hope your instructor manages the piano lessons, you must really miss it. Good luck with kt & the budget, lol! :hammer:
Janna- Poor Dylan, I can imagine it was a little scary. I know you'll make the best decision possible for him. :warrior:
Sharon- Good luck with the new class. I'd probably manage to trip myself on the poles, lol! :rofl: Let us know how the psychiatrist appointment goes.
We don't have a lot on the agenda today. My niece is coming over with her two girls later this morning. It'll be an all day play date, lol! :slap:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:
Good morning, everyone! After declaring that Vacation Bible School was boring on Monday and that he wasn't going back, difficult child reluctantly admitted last night that he had a good time on Tuesday. I hope he enjoys himself today, also. I'm sure husband is enjoying the quiet mornings! Hope everyone has a good day!

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Good morning all,

After a successful two-day golf outing, all the clients have left and I want to settle into my workload. My assistant called out sick and my part timer is missing in action. Looks like it's going to be another crazy day.

difficult child came home stoned last night. I suspect that her bio-dad gave her pot over the weekend when she was visiting him and I have to address that in counseling with her today...later with him.

H is still sober, but I see he was scanning the internet for a little excitement while I was gone visiting with my friend this weekend. I hate him for that.

My house is a mess. H started our upper addition yesterday and tore off the roof - my house is a mess, oh wait, I said that already. Jeesh! Anyway, we're scheduled for rain the rest of this week I believe, and our 'roof' consists of blue tarps - I hope it doesn't leak. Our attic fan is gone so we're using AC's now (expensive).

I'm hoping something fantastic happens today to make me feel better.


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G'day, all.

I'm just posting quickly while husband is in the shower - we're VERY late home and very tired. It's already Thursday here, on a very cold night.

We've had a busy day, with husband's cousins boys (young adults) visiting from Scotland. First they were driven out to visit us in our little beach village - got on brilliantly with our kids - then we all went to dinner in the city, at Centrepoint Tower's revolving restaurant. Personally we prefer the Summit (revolving restaurant at the top of Australia Square - it's a round building closer to the harbour) because although it's not as high, it's bigger, the food is better and the view is unbeatable.

The boys really enjoyed themselves but they haven;t slept in a bed since Sunday night and they are really tired. They're off for a Bridge climb in the morning - they are going to be exhausted! Then they're driving themselves to Brisbane...

We had a wonderful time meeting these two lovely young men who were on the same wavelength as our kids - second cousins all. And the continuing family resemblance is uncanny.

Got to head for bed - greetings to you all collectively, enjoy your lovely summer and have a swim for me.



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Good morning everyone! I hope everyones day goes well.

I'm still running carpool this week for Art Camp, so here in a few I'll be headed out to take 4 kids to the bus.

Today my plans are to catch up on laundry and do some basic house cleaning. My house is what I call "clutter friendly", but I absolutely can't stand dirty. So I'll be playing the part of Cinderella today. What a fun day planned!