Good Wednesday my friends....

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another early morning for me. I've gotten into the habit of catching naps on a very regular basis.

kt's first day of school went well other than she left her back pack on the bus with homework. Of course, meltdown moves on. Homework will be finished today & it will be okay.

My eye appointment went well - it appears that the vision issues I'm having aren't from the shingles, rather from the meningitis putting pressure on the optic nerve. I see my neurologist this morning after a physical therapy session.

Then it's home to a nap before kt hits the door.

husband is working at the office today so I'll have the houee to myself all day. What to do, what to do????

Enjoy your day - keep it calm & safe.


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Wow, the whole house to yourself!

So sorry about your eyes. I'm rattling beads.

Yeah, backpack on the bus ... LOL. My difficult child left his lunch on husband's car floor the first day, then bummed a ham sandwich off of one of the teachers. Sigh.

I'm taking the kids to school, then varnishing a 20 X 10 ft ceiling mural that I finished yesterday. I was so sore and tired I fell asleep around 9:00. I'm going to try to go back to sleep for a cpl hrs.


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G'day, everyone.

I hope the neurologist has some answers for you, Linda. As the meningitis inflammation eases, hopefully your eyes will settle down.

Terry, trying to varnish a mural - sounds exhausting! Delusions of Michaelangelo, perhaps?

This afternoon difficult child 3 asked to look at the mangroves. There was a short science program on TV today about mangroves and how they're being regenerated in various places, where previously they were removed because they were unsightly - and now there is erosion.
So after he finished his lessons, we piled in the car and drove to the next village, where we can see the mangroves much better. We walked all around the shoreline, right up to the point where the mangroves were removed years ago and now everything's washing away again. We had about an hour exploring it all and it was a lovely walk - a bit windy, when we rounded the headland. But even the wind gave us a good example of how the mangroves shield the other vegetation and the land from wind erosion as well as wave action.

Once he's seen something, it stays with him.

husband is home tomorrow, then there is the public holiday which has been declared for Sydney, due to APEC. George W is having a good time in our fair city, although he is safely barricaded away from "undesirables" like us. They called the public holiday because it's easier to keep people out if they don't have to go in to work. Friday is the BIG day for APEC, when security is going to be a nightmare. And our media are having a wonderful time reviving the old "Hu's on first" routine, since Hu Jintao is also in Sydney. (If you don't know the routine, let me know and I'll post a link - it's a very funny, not-quite-topical rip-off of the old Abbot & Costello routine).

Thanks to my goof-up yesterday with the meat order, I'm cooking another lamb roast tonight. Ah, the memories of that old ad with Naomi Watts - very funny now, in hindsight.

Enjoy your Wednesday.



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Good morning. :coffee:
Linda- I also hope to have the house to my self today. I've been a very good mommy all summer long and I deserve some me time! :smile:
Terry- A ceiling mural? Wow! I'm truly impressed with that! :bravo:
Marg- We're in a moderate drought here (nowhere near as bad as yours has been in recent years) and we are seeing more and more stressed trees. It's pretty scary when the ecology gets out whack. :nonono:
I can't sleep tonight because of a horrible sore throat. Nothing is helping it. :ill: Duckie will be up in a few hours for Day 1 of first grade. :teacher:I'd appreciate some good thoughts for her as she was quite nervous last night and woke up several times throughout the night. I hate to see her so anxious... :smile:
Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in.


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:coffee: Good Morning Friends,

I sure am needing that hmj in the mornings lately!!!!!!!

Linda, glad your eyes are only temporarily affected. My difficult child would have been really upset should he have left his backpack the first day - though he told me with pride that only I had homework last night!

Terry, a ceiling mural, Wow!!! You should take a pick and post it over on the WC for us to see. Take a nice warm shower or bath when done.

Marg, the mangrove story is exatly why I would love to homeschool my difficult child! Our standards of learning here in Virginia keep the classrooms on a really tight lesson plan and leave no room for exploration or invention in school.

TM, fingers crossed for duckie. My difficult child was very anxious night before last and yesterday morning. I told him it was perfectly natural and I would be more worried if he wasn't a little nervous and scared.

Well, easy child came home so excited, "Tays in my anatomy class, and Matts in my history class, and ......." - happy high school girl. difficult child seemed exhausted when I picked him up. He said his homeroom/science teacher really liked him, his technology teacher was funny and that was all I got out of him. Later he told me that a couple kids from his elementary school were in a few of his classes.

After we read last night he said his legs were hurting from all the walking, school was really confusing, he was tired, he wasn't sure he wanted to go tomorrow! I told him again that I understood it was something new but that I didn't want to hear this "I'm not going stuff" on the first day of school. I'm not happy with that I told him. Then in a little voice he said "Mom, all kids complain about school on the first day, that's what we do." I gave him a kiss, told him I loved him and that he was right.

We'll see what this morning brings!

Have a great day all :thumb:.


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Good Morning,

Linda-House to self! Enjoy and fit in many naps.

Terry-A mural-how cool is that?

Marguerite-You do such an awesome job with-homeschooling. What a great experience for difficult child!

TM-I hope Duckie's first day goes well and that you are feeling better soon!

Sharon-Glad easy child is happy with-school! How cute of difficult child to say all kids complain on the first day-what a sweetie.

We all survived the first day. easy child had a great day for her first day of high school. difficult child got mad when I asked how his day went but did say he liked his teacher. He sure was in a mood last night-yikes! husband said his day was crazy and my day went well. Looks like I have a nice but very larger class of 26 kiddos!

After work today I'll get to the club and then we have dryer shopping to do as ours has broken down and it isn't the first time!

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day! Hi to anyone who snuck in!


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TM - you are killin' me!!! Good luck to Duckie!


difficult child headed of to school about 10 minutes early. Needless to say, my radar went up. Then she turned the opposite way of the bus stop. OK - now I was not a happy mom! I tried her cell phone and she did not answer. I took a few minutes to calm and finish getting ready just in case I had to hunt her down. I called again and she answered. I asked her why she turned the wrong way - she said she went to a different bus stop that had some friends at it - which is why she left early - had to walk a bit farther. Same bus, just different stop. Whew/phew!

I heard those friends in the background. I am sure she is going to school - they have pictures taken today - yup first day pictures - and if no pictures ever came home I guess I would get suspicious.

Was a bit unnerving though.



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Wendy, whew! You had me going there!

The little neighbor girl was on her scooter yesterday and she said, "I had my first day of 2nd gr. today. It was awesome!"
So cute.
I had a momentary pity party for myself because difficult child would never say anything like that ... So all I can do is enjoy it when other kids say it.

The kids were both late this a.m. difficult child wet his bed, then stood in the shower until he was supposed to be sitting in the car, and got mad at me for rushing him!
easy child asked me to email her Spanish paper to her at school, supposedly because she couldn't get it to go to the right acct, and her printer didn't work (yeah, right), but amazingly, she had time to do her makeup and make herself late ...

I'm going for a walk to calm down b4 I climb up that scaffolding one last time.