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  1. Hound dog

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    It was a good trip to goodwill today. I went a tad nuts. lol

    I was surprised to find the leapfrog leapster still there for 7 I picked it up for's 7 bucks, I'll live if it gets broken.....and I think easy child has a broken one so she may have books/cassettes for it. I'll have to ask....anyway I always see those at yard sales cheap. And if it doesn't work (we have to get it batteries) I can return it within 7 days for my money back.

    I got the stuffed mouse from If You Give a Mouse a Cookie book for 2 bucks.....looks like it just came from the store. Aubrey adores the one I found her for xmas a couple years ago. This one I think will be for Brandon. This book is a huge hit in our family, it was a fav of my kids too.

    Found an assortment of infant toys, one of them Melissa & Doug (never cheap) for 69 cents for the new baby. Also found a Fisher Price musical infant toy where they hit it and it makes music and lights up for for 2 bucks. (looks new)

    Found Kayla several of the Babysitter series books and a couple Goosebump books and one Nancy Drew book all good condition 99 cents each.

    Found a learning clock toy for Darrin (will be passed around the grandkids I'm sure) that helps them learn to tell time with the normal "hands" clock and digital. He's having issues with it in school because they're teaching them both at the same time and it's confusing him. 99 cents And also found him an old hot wheels car wash which will go with his other hotwheels sets from the 80's that he loves....99 cents. Trust me, he could care less that it's old. lol

    Found a teddy bear wind up radio for Connor.

    Found pick up sticks/jacks for Aubrey that come in a nice metal box.

    Found myself 9 mason jars for 69 cents ea.

    Found Nichole a beautiful wedding album unused. 2 bucks

    Just realized I didn't spot something for Alex this time around. Well maybe next time. Or maybe at a yard sale........That's the way it goes and my grands all know it. lol

    There were a couple of other things I was chomping at the bit over......but I didn't really need them so left them behind. Now that our goodwill is really getting off the ground and people know it's there (both for donation and shopping) it's full of some really good stuff.

    husband kept rolling his eyes as this Nana was digging through the toys bins the the shelves of toys for ohhh about 45 mins. I kept trying to explain to him that if you don't do that you can miss something wonderful. :rofl:

    Love love love goodwill. And yard sales ought to be starting soon. Woot!!:bigsmile:
  2. KTMom91

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    Way To Go, Nana!
  3. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    yard sales have been in full force here for at least 3 weeks. I skipped the super big rummage sale at the church by the college and scared husband by doing so. We drove past and I told him I didn't want to go. He reached over to see if I had a fever, lol! I told him we have no where to put anything and I cannot see spending the teeny amt of money we have on anything but truly essential things like toilet paper and prescriptions. Thankfully we will have a bit more $$ in the next week or so as he finally filed for unemployment (should have done so in January, didn't tell me that we were not getting it because he didn't file. Let me think he wasn't eligible - and really got chewed out for that!)

    Then i will start on garage sales to get stocked up for birthday and Xmas. Last year I did not go to any yard sales and Xmas was almost impossible to do, so I won ''t skip them this year.

    The only sale i went to last year had this big wonderfully pretty basket with a wrought iron handle. The OM group thank you was in put together 3 really good bottles of wine, a gift cert to a Mexican restaurant the coach liked, fancy chocolates and a card, so I donated hte basket and some balls made out of the stuff baskets are made out of (about 4 and 5 inches in diameter, sprayed a gold color, not sure what to call them but basket balls). husband said that 3 of the other ladies at the last meeting all wanted to know if I had any more baskets like that.

    Why is it that men hate baskets? husband calls them priceless family heirlooms and does everything he can to give or throw them away. So I keep buying them at yard sales, lol.

    Anyway, you got a great haul!!! Way To Go!!!
  4. Mattsmom277

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    That's quite a treasure trove of fun things for the kiddos! We dont' have goodwill here. We do have a Salvation Army resale shop but it is pretty small and dirty and rarely has anything worthwhile so I haven't gone in years. We have a store called Value Village but I find the clothes over priced most of the time for a second hand shop. I hear from other people that toys, books, household items can vary in price (no rhyme or reason to the pricing apparently) but I do know some who find great buys there. I tend to stick to garage sales which I adore! I only went to a few last year as I was in process of decluttering. This year I'm heading out again, it is a ton of fun for S/O and I. We spend most of Sat. and Sun. doing this most years and we walk and return home when we need to unload. I usually lose my winter weight gain just from the walking. This year I'm being very selective as I don't want to clutter again. I will be looking for green glass pieces for my kitchen collection, teapots (my only other collection) IF they are spectacular and not run of the mill. Otherwise we'll likely just enjoy looking, and pick up the odd tools if they are good buys for S/O. I am so happy to FINALLY have no more snow on the ground here. I feel the sales in the air lol.

    Way To Go on your shopping for treasures. I think its great you do this, for yourself and for the grands!
  5. cubsgirl

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    I can't wait for yard sale season to hit here.....coming soon. Congrats on the great bargains!!!
  6. Star*

    Star* call 911

    I did goodwill too -

    Congrats on your finds!

    I got 2 Lacoste polo shirts, an Aeropostle polo shirt, a pair of Aeropostle khakis size 5L for me, 2 Ralph Loren polos, a couple of t shirts, a Sean John sweatshirt, a Sean John Tshirt, an Enycee t shirt, an Echo Tshirt, and a pair of brand new Levis and a lidded rubber maid tub for packing - For $10.00 Plus a few other misc. clothes like Gilligan and Omalley sleepwear, tops and bottoms, and a betty boop tank top, and an Arizon Jean co. top. OH and a pair of Lands End guys cargo shorts, 2 pair of Old Navy mens shorts....i thought I did pretty good too - and a Donkey sew on patch.
  7. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Way To Go Star!!

    After the 45 mins just in the toys husband all but drug me out of the store................I didn't get to look at the clothes this time around. Did get some nice tanks last time, good brands. And Nichole got a really pretty dressy maternity outfit. Sigh. I eyed the shorts section and husband reminded me we still had to go to aldi's. lol

    Their men's section is great too. And husband is reaching desperation as far as clothing goes. But so far all I get is "I don't do 2nd hand clothes". Phht. He doesn't know this but there are a lot of things I bought him 2nd hand that looked new. lmao I'll have to sneak next time and pick him up some shirts. His are getting thread bare. ugh
  8. AnnieO

    AnnieO Shooting from the Hip

    I ran to the close Goodwill last night... I found 2 pair of jeans - a size 8 and size 10 - and a pretty aqua colored shirt with a mandarin collar.

    The 8's buttoned - barely. The 10's - not at all. Huh? (I wish they did women's clothing like men's - a 33/34, though hard to find, is pretty universal!) And the shirt was gorgeous on the hanger but horrible on me. Figures.

    I found a really cute top - maternity no less! - but it was a size M. Should have been labeled XS. It might have fit one of my CATS.
  9. Star*

    Star* call 911

    DF has finally decided that our Goodwill is my release and exercise. I know it sounds odd, but ours is not sorted. It's like a gigantic warehouse and things are piled. I enjoy going most days and I am learning what is 'good' and what is "Ummmmm no." I mean I've never been a lable person and I'm still not - but I have to admit - Hollister makes my hiney look tiney. lol. (that rhymed) Just to be WRONG I put it with a Kmart top. lol. I can see my son slapping his head and going Nooooooooo, OMG I almost 1/2 had her in mall clothes...(insert evil non-conformist ever laugh)
  10. AnnieO

    AnnieO Shooting from the Hip

    Oooh, KMart & Hollister - YEAH!!!

    Sounds like me, Star... Let's see. Meijer, Goodwill, Gabriel Brothers, JC Penney, Kohl's, Wal Mart and Parisian for me, today.

    ...And a conglomeration of Cover Girl, Maybelline, Mary Kay and Garnier on the face... LOL!
  11. PatriotsGirl

    PatriotsGirl Guest

    Gabriel Brothers is called Rugged Wearhouse out here - one of my FAVORITE stores to shop!!!!!!
  12. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful


    Casey I'd use the 7 day policy and see if they let you return them since they didn't fit. Salvation Army behind dayton mall used to have fitting rooms (not sure if they still do) and I made use of them. They were prone to marking clothing wrong or sticking a child's size 14 in a woman's section. I went to a SA not far from us as well as one in east gate (near cincy) both horrid places and I didn't return. That reminds me.......I need to pay the state thrift store a visit over in washington courthouse. lol Haven't been there in a while.......ought to take katie when I go, they had tons of household stuff.

    I grew up in Goodwill, Salvation Army, and with yard sales..........only had 1 xmas with new stuff, no other "new" stuff until I was 16 and had a job to buy it for myself. I swore I'd never have 2nd hand again. lol But I'm not my mom and I don't buy clothes 30 yrs out of style for my grandkids.........and if you look hard enough and time it well you can find some awesome things. So now I'm sort of addicted to all 3. lol But it's my entertainment, too........and husband does know it. He only fusses if I take him along.....unless it's a good yard sale. lol

    Susie I could get you baskets out the wazoo. I don't do baskets......they remind me of clutter.

    Our GW is nice and organized.......(in an old kroger store) at least clothes wise......pretty much for other things too but you do have to dig and that takes time and effort. They offer mattresses and box springs (new) but Nichole who has been pricing such things tells me they're on the high side. Ours has had some beautiful paintings/prints of late.......having a hard time not picking those up........but I'm still trying to figure out what to do with all of the ones from mother in law and some I got from yard sales. lol So no, passed them by. Katie did get some nice plastic glasses, bowls, and flatware for really cheap. Those you have to pick through and move things around or you'll miss the really nice stuff. I got a very ancient teen cast iron skillet in mint condition one time......and I love it!

    Yard sales will probably start this weekend. Our weather has just been to cold until just now. One of my goals is to find Evan a bike with training wheels so he has something to play on outside with his sibs.

    By our next trip to GW, husband and I should have the family room finished. And I'll load up what I planned to donate and drop it off before I shop. lol
  13. AnnieO

    AnnieO Shooting from the Hip

    LOL Lisa - the Goodwill has dressing rooms, so I walked away empty handed.

    The Goodwill Outlet (which is now closed... Hmm) didn't, and neither does the one over near where BM lives. However, the prices are great - I don't worry about a pair of jeans that cost $0.50, if they get tossed back in the donate pile.

    Onyxx used to make snarky comments about GW, SA, and other thrifts. I've loved these places since I was about 18. My parents would do consignment, but were not keen on USED - though they would donate! LOL the one thing I canNOT handle used is shoes. My Dad has bone spurs in his feet, and even my Mom's hand-me-down shoes don't feel right on my feet. I have ONE pair of what I call "uncomfortable" shoes - heels - 3", strappy black sandals - they go with my very nice semi-formal black dress. I've worn them - twice? But they were new. And, of course, socks and underwear.

    That semi-formal dress? I got for $10. I can't remember the name off the top of my head, but these things run like $500 new. So - score! Really neat place near my Mom.

    I need some slightly bigger clothing, anyway, as I am hoping to be pregnant soon! I figure GW et al are perfect for maternity clothes anyway.
  14. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    I don't do undies, socks, or shoes 2nd hand either, nor swimsuits.....even for kids. Snowboots....but they're not quite the same, not worn enough to imprint the foot usually. Had to wear 2nd shoes as a kid......swear it's a miracle my feet weren't ruined, they never fit right, never felt right. I'll pick them up if they're new though.....and sometimes they have new. Take that back, did used to pick up training pants back before pullups....darn things were expensive as all heck just to have a child potty in them lol But would take them home and bleach the devil out of them even if the person told me they did, just in case.

    Katie does buy those thing used......or gets them donated. And I know where you've got nuthin......but it still ewww icks me out.

    GW is great for maternity Nichole has discovered. She's bulking out her wardrobe from what easy child gave her. lol