goofy nephew got "arrested" sort of....

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    My nephew who is just finishing 7th grade, the one that I told you all recently is going thru an evaluation for sp. ed. (meeting is next week and he is finishing this year with three F one D- and one C-, so he sure as shooting better qualify!) to take a ride in a police car.

    He was hanging out with a few others after school and one of the kids had a lighter...they started lighting those fuzzy seed things to watch them burn, just goofing around. (we recently had kids burn down a preserve doing a similar thing so people are cautious of course). A lady saw and called 911 then told them to wait because the police were coming. They ran and thankfully my nephew stopped running and faced the music. (one other stopped too). I am sure once the school officer got involved they all got caught.

    He was like, "the guy was a jerk all rough and threw me against the car and patted me down"....ummm really? She thinks he was actually really scared. (good).

    She called her ex. after the sheriff called and he actually stepped up and told him what was up. He lost some priveleges along with the phone and ipod.

    Well yesterday guess who snuck it out of her drawer while we were there. (sister told on him) so now he is in even bigger trouble. He has also been busted for smoking cigs (duh didn't get that he would STINK after). Told my sister she is going to be joining us pretty soon! (he really has been a easy child except for his learning issues till now.... but puberty has hit!)

    I told her not to stick her head in the sand about his trying pot or other things. He WILL I have no doubt. Maybe already is given the grade drop (he had been doing a little better till a couple of weeks ago). I offered to tutor and she has already decided he will drown in the large high school. He doesn't know, and has one more middle school year (will see if he gets his IEP and things improve)....but she is going to look for a smaller specialized setting for him. I think that is smart. With support he does well. He had to be too independent this year.

    She is helping me with my new house search, so I will pay her back with summer school help for him. Poor sister!
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    I'm dreading puberty. Glad she is talking to you about him.
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    Puberty stinks. It is like aliens come and invade their bodies and take over. Hoping he was really scared; enough to stay out of future trouble. -RM
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    Well, she is lucky to have you because you understand and won't judge.
    Yeah, I can't figure out these kids who think they won't stink after they smoke, and their eyes won't be bloodshot after they take a hit. DUH!!!
    Too bad that he was scared by the cop but it only lasted a few hrs. Sigh.
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    Wow! Yea, I would be REALLY suspicious of pot use...hopefully nothing worse. She IS really lucky she has you to bounce things off of. See, there IS a reason you've been where you've been. LOL. ??So you are seriously looking for a better housing option?? Good for you!!
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    Terry, I just posted on your thread about the money missing....

    She asked him where the iPod went because it is not in her drawer where his cell is. He says he doesn't know. He and his friend were so suspicious acting and his sister told on him so we knew. She figured out he gave it to the friend so he would have it at school. He said I dont have it, check my room, my pockets, look anywhere.....DUH.

    So, she asked again a nd a gain andi n the morning said she was so disappointed and wanted him to do the right thing. He called from school at 10 am (guilt? panic? fear?)....

    "Mom, guess what??? I FOUND my iPod at SCHOOL!!!"

    He is still sticking to the story. Wont explain how it walked itself miles away to a middle school from her drawer.

    This kid does have adhd but essentially has had no academic, social, sporting, behavioral issues until this year.

    Amazing....we both (sister and I) eventually started cracking up, it is too ridiculous.
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    So, she asked again a nd a gain andi n the morning said she was so disappointed and wanted him to do the right thing. He called from school at 10 am (guilt? panic? fear?)....
    "Mom, guess what??? I FOUND my iPod at SCHOOL!!!"
    He is still sticking to the story. Wont explain how it walked itself miles away to a middle school from her drawer.

    OMG, lol! They have no idea how stupid they sound! But at least he called her and fessed up. That's the important part. Ya gotta laugh.
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    Thats about the age some kids do get in trouble for the first time. My good one...well, pretty good one, Jamie, got in trouble at 13 and a half for breaking into his old elementary school. What happened was he was supposed to be practicing baseball there after school but it got rained out and he and one of his friends got left there alone. All the other parents took their kids home and the coaches left these two kids just sitting alone at the school. They could have walked home but it was about a mile and a half and it was raining hard so they decided to try to wait out the rain or wait for me to get home and figure out they werent home yet.

    Well they got bored and walked all around the school and saw an open window. They got the brilliant idea to think...hey, I wonder what the school looks like in the few years since we left! So they crawled through the window and started wandering around. They didnt touch anything or take anything. Just looked around. Of course when they crawled through the windows, it set off an alarm that they didnt know and here comes the At first Jamie tried to run but then he came back and started crying to the cop and the cop found his friend too. The cop brought both boys home and figured out what happened. After he heard why they did what they did and saw that nothing was taken and they didnt cause damage or even steal so much as a soda or cookie, well he knew he wasnt going to charge them but he told Jamie he was going to come back when we got home and might charge him and take him to

    Well Cory had already been in trouble by this time and Jamie was trying desperately trying to keep his nose clean so he could get into the Marines so when we got home Jamie came busting out of the house crying like someone had died. He was just in horrible shape swearing he had ruined his life, was going to jail, he had done something so awful that we should ground him for life and never let him out of our sight again. He should never get tv again, no dessert. LOL. He punished himself so badly. The cop never came back. I didnt worry about him getting into major trouble again.