Got a new Job!!!! yeah

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by horserider, Oct 28, 2009.

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    :jumphappy: I am so pleased, a true blessing after all we've been through this last year. My husband was forced into retirement on Oct 1, after 33 yrs at GM. My difficult child has been in the jjc since August, trying to "earn" his way home in a program, without his medications. I was at minimum wage in a position for a yr. with- a freeze on wages, while I got promotions. So I started looking, not knowing if I could even make it through interviews ok.

    Last Friday I received a call for a well paying job related to my old career. I interviewed yesterday, it went like a 2nd interview, discussed wages, when I could start, etc. She called me within 2 hrs and offered me the position. She received over 600 applications, so this is nothing short of a miracle. :beautifulthing:

    I go to our therapy session this morning with- difficult child feeling better & more confident. This will definetly help redirect my mind when needed.
    God is truly watching over me during this difficult time.
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    Congratulations! Sounds like you have been overdue for something good to happen! :D I hope the new job is everything you've wanted and needed.
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    Woo Hoo! Congrats!!!!

    Now....could you send me some of that luck??? :tongue:
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    That is wonderful good news!! Contratulations! I'm proud of you.
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    What a wonderful post to read. I'm so very happy for you. I have a very dear talented, smart, and qualified friend who has been out of work for almost 4 years now. It's heartbreaking. I'm so glad to hear that people are actually getting HIRED.

    :bravo: Congratulations! :bravo:

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    Thank you for the kind words of congrats from my new been there, done that group of friends.

    Always so good to know your not alone.

    Take care
    Happy Halloween
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    Congrats on the new job! I got clobbered years back when the type of IT work I did was almost entirely either outsourced to India or taken over by Indians with special work visas.

    After two years out of my field I was hopelessly behind the times and also too "old" to really compete.

    Now,with the bipolar and Aspie-ism biting me in the backside, I suppose I should be grateful that I'm lucky enough to draw SSDI. I'm grateful for that, but I'd sure as heck rather be able to work.

    I've tried so far twice to return to work and I simply can't handle it anymore.
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    Congrats. What a wonderful thing.
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