Got an insurance question re detox and substance aubuse

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by in a daze, Oct 8, 2011.

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    Just got an insurance statement charge of 12,000 for R and B 3 days in atient stay brought there for detox called ambulance agitated behavior BAL 273 admitted for observation detox ,We have a different section in insurance for substance abuse, , Value Otion does not ay for R and B,( we have United Health Care) Should this have been billed under medical section of our insurance Should I start with billing section of hosital, Sorry for terrilble unctuation as difficult child broke my new comuter in a drunken ramage 2 weeks ago and this one some of the keys and letters do not work!
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    I am not familiar with your insurance plan, however our insurance plan did not cover any of difficult child's inpatient stay for detox and rehab. You can try calling the claims department of your insurance company and hopefully they can help you. It is a shame that health plans cover so little of substance abuse treatments.

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    I totally agree that you need to make that call because they are the only experts on the policy. Our insurance (now gone) did cover substance abuse to a degree. Although they were very helpful I found out subsequently that once he was "no longer actively using" they wanted him discharged. Slightly insane but true. DDD

    PS: They also provided a list of facilitis on their approved list.