Got arthritis or elementary children? This thread's for you!

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    Ok--my turn to share a couple special finds. One thing leads to another....

    I've got hand arthritis coming on and making my hand cramp a lot when I write for a while. I discovered sort of by accident that using a fountain pen instead of a ballpoint makes a world of difference. I never realized how much pressure it takes to write with a ballpoint until I tried out a good fountain pen. Glides with almost no pressure if you get a good one. Fat ones with some weight to them make it even better. For an ultra cheap initial experiment, Pilot makes a disposable called Varsity, and I think those are the cheapest ones out there and the only disposable. Remarkably good flow and several neat colors too, alongside the black and blue standard colors. Anybody else made this discovery?

    THEN, in looking around for fountain pen choices, I happened upon a children's pen/pencil set made by a German company called Lamy. I've never seen anything like it. Perfect for little hands and it's hardly possible for a child to use an incorrect pencil grip with them. The mechanical pencil lead is much thicker than the usual, so breakage isn't a problem. I've taught elementary school for a long time, and I've never seen anything like it. Ordered them for easy child and it's working GREAT. Her pencil grip has always been horrible despite all we've tried to fix it, and at the age of 9 now, I really thought we were stuck with it. She's holding these right every time, and I'm really excited. Lamy ABC is the name. From the googling around I've done, I don't think these have been available in the U.S. for very long. I'm sorta doubting anybody would find them anywhere except online.

    Has anybody else tried these?