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    With a neuropsychologist for Oct. His psychiatric said he didn't think we'd get much info from it, but wasn't against us doing it. There aren't any neuropsychologists local so we have to go 2 hours south which isn't a problem anyway, we seem to be in that city quite a bit anyway. The lady who answered the phone did a quick intake with me on my difficult child, his age, current diagnosis and my concerns. She checked with my insurance and it won't cover half so there's going to be quite a bit out of pocket expenses, but she said we could make payments. I talked it over with husband last night and we're going to do it. It'll be really good to know he's been thoroughly evaluated and I'm looking forward to seeing what the intelligence tests say. I've been suspecting for awhile that he's going to qualify as gifted.

    Is there anything that I need to ask or know about before hand? She's going to get back with me about whether or not he needs to stay on his medications.
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    Start a parent report - it will help you collect all the details you already have. For a link - look for a recent post by SusieStar - she has the link in her signature.

    That will include copies of all other evaluations that have ever been done - by school or anyone else.
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    Thank you, I'll go look for that now.