Got my 1st letter from the teacher ....

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    difficult child came home from school and informed me I had a few things to sign. Poor kid was a nervous wreck... 1st note stated that difficult child forgot to hand in a reading assignment that he did in class. difficult child said he forgot and when his teacher asked him for it he handed it in and apologized. Second note was attached to a reading assignment difficult child wrote about himself. His story was very cute and he wrote alot about what he did this summer. The story also said that he has a great life ! I loved reading that!:D Anyhow, difficult child got a score of 60 because he failed to write what was asked of him. He was supposed to write a story with a beginning, middle and ending. Instead difficult child wrote a long list of facts about himself. difficult child's teacher is allowing him to rewrite his story over the weekend and then will grade accordingly. His teacher indicated the score of 60 will not count as a grade. I am so happy he is allowing difficult child 2nd chance. I am hoping and praying he will continue to be understanding of difficult child and his issues. difficult child does quite well in his other subjects but has always had problems with writing and reading comprehension. For along time I thought difficult child was just lazy but I now realize it is a problem. I just emailed his teacher and going to see if he can get some extra help.
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    Hey, I'd take a letter like that! Not too shabby!

    Glad teacher is letting him rewrite it. Cgfg, at 13, still can't write a story with a beginning, middle, and end.
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    I am definetly not complaining about the letter. It could have been WAY worse, Nothing beats the phone call I got from the principal in 2nd grade when difficult child stole a cookie... She acted as if I stole it. She was talking down to me as if I was difficult child. I just hope difficult child has a good year.
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    I got a note from difficult child's teacher last year stating that he stole some cherrios from her desk. When I talked to her on the phone she said that, "she placed a bowl of cherrios on her desk to use for counting and he took a handful and ate them." My response was,"he is in kindergarten, what did she expect would happen?"
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    Great note! I bet the teacher is becoming concerned about difficult child's transition to middle school (next year?). Following directions and handing in items are big stumbling blocks for many difficult children.
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    So happy you have an understanding teacher who will give him a chance to correct his mistake. I hope things continue to go well with school.