Got my cast off!! Plus difficult child's latest

So happy - my cast was removed yesterday! Ortho says it looks wonderful. I know that it's going to take a while to get back up to speed (left ankle broken in 3 places plus dislocated. Surgery 4/29) but I'm encouraged. PT starts tomorrow.

difficult child continues to be a pain.

Texted this weekend accusing me of threatening to turn his phone off. No, remember I told you a month ago you got a $56 bill cause you used way too much data? Remember I said if you didn't stop you'd get another big bill? (It's $70 this month.)

Well, yeah he did remember that. Still wants me to pay. Not my bill. He got ugly so I said I didn't deserve this and was blocking him from texting me for 24 hours.

Phone was turned off today. I get an email asking me to pay it. Says he needs it to find places to sleep (got kicked out for not paying rent).

THEN he says he needs the phone so he can meet bio dad in a town 80 miles away for Fathers Day. (Same bio dad who gave up rights when difficult child was 4 in lieu of seeing judge for repeatedly sending difficult child home with bruises. difficult child looked him up last year after I kicked him out. Bio dad has now convinced difficult child I lied about everything and stole him from his dad. However bio dad isn't offering difficult child to come live with him. In fact, bio dads wife has blocked difficult child from her Facebook.)

Does this fool really think I would help him see that idiot?!?!?!

I replied that this isn't between me and him. I love him but it's between him and Sprint.

It's scary to think where his cash is going. He's delivering pizzas 25-35 hours a week. Doesn't have car insurance, rent, utilities. Plus he gets $183 a month in food stamps.


one day at a time
Hang tough, American Girl. You're doing great.

I like that quote from you: It's not between you and me. It's between you and Sprint.

I love it! Keep moving forward.


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Hi AG...
Hope the Physical Therapy is helping. I've never broken a bone so I have no idea what you've been through but it sounds painful!

I'm sorry difficult child does not see the truth about his bio dad.
I too, was raised without my bio dad and when I met him he made excuses for himself (he was also an alcoholic). My mother, as hard as it was for me emotionally at times, had to be both "mother and father" to me...just as you have been. I gave my mom alot of grief in the past too. It was just too hard for me to accept that I had a "dad" that essentially didn't want me...or didn't have the capacity to love me. I hope someday your son will be able to see the BIG picture and begin to heal instead of believing the lies bio dad spews.

Hang in there AG.