Got my daughter into Residential Treatment Center (RTC)

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by pamelabs1, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. pamelabs1

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    Well, we took my daughter to a Residential Treatment Center (RTC) last wednsday. It went ok until I got a call Wednsday night that her Grandfather had passed away...
    The treatment center is an hour an a half from where we live so we headed back that way Thursday morning to tell her (I could not bare to tell her over the phone or have some stranger tell her). The hardest thing I have ever done in my life was to leave her there crying and upset, begging me to take her home, and not be able to hold her and comfort her....I cried all the way home. We took her out Monday for the services and took her back Monday night....she seems to be handling it all ok. I pray everyday that this helps her. I hate it that she isnt home....I hate that we had to do this.
  2. JJJ

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    You are being the parent she needs right now. It takes alot to get a child that level of services. (((Hugs)))
  3. Bunny

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    I understand that you hate that you had to do this, but you are being the best parent you can be for her. This is where she needs to be, regardless of what is happening in the outside world.

    I hope that it helps her.
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    Sending understanding hugs. Very few of us have left our children at any treatment facility with-o having to pull over and cry our eyes out. Knowing you have made the right choice does not make it a happy choice. I'm sure the timing of the family loss has made it more difficult. So sorry. DDD
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    Gentle hugs for you this evening.
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    THanks everyone for the support
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    We took difficult child to first Residential Treatment Center (RTC) when she was 14. It was so hard. We had to do it because she needed to be protected from herself and she was not functioning. Though it was not a person, her dog died when she was there and set back to 1st phase because of her behavior, she was not allowed to leave. This dog had been with her all her life. We were allowed to bring him to see her the night before we put him down for serious cancer. It killed me to watch her. These choices are so hard. They will miss life with there family and the comforts of moms hug. In the end you never know what effects all this will have. The bottom line is that they need this kind of help and we are powerless. I know how you feel and I promise it gets easier-not great, but easier. ((Hugs))