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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Jena, Apr 6, 2011.

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    yea forget e.r. was in truck driving today and all of a sudden got this pain in the right side of my head like pressure and burning than right foot started acting up.

    had to pull over at a 7 to get excedrin and take a break before going home. so i got home and said yea ok time to call.

    it was so bad i got scared lol

    may 6th i go to neurologist to see him and get an mri in a closed mri by the way yea that should be fun..... i dont' like the tunnel thing i'm just like difficult child when comes to that.

    i'm going to go to reg. gp though before that i think have him write me script for an mri at open mri place that isnt' too far away and bring films with me.

    i lucked out rate was cheaper too they gave me a discount for some reason only 95 - 150 for the appointment. last time it was 250 for it. go figure :)

    just figured i'd share i finally made the appointment. don't wanna hear what they have to say yet avoidance isn't getting me anywhere
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    Jena, as unpleasant as the closed MRIs are, do not go do the open one. the open MRI's do NOT give the same detail and clarity and you will likely end up having to pay for another mri in the closed place. It isn't fun, but it is important. Many neuros here will look at the open ones but if they suspect ANY problem they will insist on a closed one before they do any procedures. Instead ask them to give you either a sedative or general anesthesia for while you are in the the MRI. they may ACT like it is uncommon, but I have a couple of friends who operate mri's and it is NOT uncommon or unusual for people to need something to help them through the MRI. I have had both kinds of MRI and the open ones are NOT really open and seem to create almost as much in the way of problems for the patient as the other ones.

    Glad you are seeing the doctor. Many docs are giveing big discounts for cash appts - the same or close to the same as the discount they give to insured patients (copay is most of the fee they get from patients on insurance. For example, my pain doctor is $100 self pay and they bill insurance $250, get a $40 or $50 copay and then accept payment of $40 to $60 from the ins co. The rest of the $250 is written off. With so many people out of work in the country they are doing this so that they at least have some patients.

    Take it easy until the doctor appointment. I haven't skipped your PM, just haven't had much chance to sit and write back.
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    Glad you made the appointment!

    I've had a CT and an MRI. They both looked "open" until I realized they slide back on a motorized track. Also, since I had a head shot done, they strapped my head into a sort of baseball mask thing and I nearly had a panic attack. I did NOT expect that. Lots of practiced breathing there! Wish I'd known what Xanax was.

    You'll do fine. One thing I do, that may or may not work for you, is to not think about it until I'm in the door, putting on a gown. I'm the best at compartmentalizing some things. Then, I freak out but it's too late; I'm already there. So I go forward.