Got MY first card which was great BUT.....warning of possible too much information

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  1. Tiapet

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    And it was a welcome surprise after the day I had today too!

    Woke up after a horrible night with this sickness (was there even a night?). I was sort of loosing my voice yesterday but this morning I had NONE! *sigh*

    Went to 2 appointments I had. The first one they made me wear this mask thing that went over my mouth. Mind you I CAN'T breath out of my nose people..... I felt like I was suffocating as it wasn't the type mask that was like a cup. It went straight across and tight to my mouth. I tried in vane to tell them that I was struggling to breath too.:rollingpin:

    The next appointment was to my primary, who has been MIA for 3-4 months on personal emergency leave. I got one of the first appointments back with her thankfully (or I'd have been SOL with this sickness because I refuse to see anyone else there due to scr*w ups). She took one look at me and knew that there was some major problems.

    I came away knowing I at least do NOT have pneumonia, an antibiotic, a strange new cough thing (pill?), breathing treatment (never had that before) and a game plan to go back in a week unless something happens in mean time,

    BUT....I do have:

    Acute severe Bronchitis
    Acute severe Strep (she thought I may have had mono instead of or in addition to)
    Acute severe pharyngitis
    A neck that is swollen the size of...well pick looks like I have 2 of them at the moment
    A cough that rattles the body so bad but at the same time signals the bladder it's time to let loose....geee fun....NOT!!! Where did all of it come from when I really am not drinking but "sips" of stuff that doesn't even come to a glass of anything in a matter of 4 hours?
    Itchy swollen eyes (now what?), itchy throat and nose...could it be an allergic reaction? Ok to what?? I've taken all the things I'm on. Now I have a big blown up, red race, with the swollen eyes and neck. Picture a cartoon head on a balloon string.....yeah...that's about what maybe I look like and feel like at the moment.

    I have other infections too but she said we can't delve into all of them at the moment because I have more pressing things to settle first. The other things are possible kidney and or bladder infection as I do not have Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), which I told her it wasn't that I KNEW it was either of the others based on symptoms and length of time. :wellduh: I have "slight" blood in urine.

    I have been having an issue with my lower spine just above the sacroiliac sac, where it's extremely painful and has been "going out" where I can be standing or walking and suddenly it gives out on me and I fall. I also have had about an almost apple sized lump on the outside of my left hip for about 6-9 months. It sometimes goes down to maybe a lemon size but never goes away complete. It can be painful, especially if I lay on that side (which I know I can't do).

    I'd just really like to come when things got to happen with health they all got to go to cr*p all at once? Can't it just be a little at a time?:not_fair:

    I'm banished to no talking for at least the next 2 days. Do you know how well that works with difficult child's? NOT WELL!! I've been attempting to write in a notebook everything but they still seem to feel the need to try to get me to talk even though they KNOW I can't and even if I could slightly, I'm not suppose to "stress" the throat so it can heal. I'm not even attempting because the pain is just wow!
    I've had strep before but this is beyond any normal strep pain I've had. Feels like knives just in breathing. I keep trying to drink just to keep it 'wet" but it's not really helping. I really hope the antibiotics work quickly and kick some of this within 24 hours to a duller roar that is more tolerable.

    The absolute plus side....and for me it's great....I can't even really smoke at all and don't even want to think about it. MAJOR PLUS!!! Not that I want to have this happen to quit by any means but it sure helps!:hapydancsmil:

    Oh yeah and while I was away at appointments, Mr. Busy got himself suspended from the bus for 2 days for throwing something out the window! :grrr:Perfect timing to have to drive him back and forth too. Apparently he wasn't the only one.

    I walk in door and sit down with notebook and write all this out so that oldest difficult child and my mother know the full information from dr. Oldest difficult child says to me "well what I read is it says you are 3 steps from death!" Uh no! Hardly that but she does like a bit of drama here and there and perhaps I may LOOK like death but, deary, death is NOT knocking on my door at this point in time.
    I'm just sick. S.I.C.K!:ill:

    Please don't rush me to that door just yet deary, I'm not ready and neither are you and we both know that. :angel:

    So thank you to UpAllNight for the bright spot of my day! Reminded me of many years ago in my childhood, sunny warm days actually. :flower:

    This is just a vent and a thank you. Sorry I'm far from witty or funny like Star or many others of you. I'm just me....
  2. HaoZi

    HaoZi Guest

    Hope you're better soon!
  3. Calamity Jane

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    Wow, that's some list. Have you also been running a fever? I'm mostly worried about the strep and the swollen neck, and the other infections. I'm surprised the Dr. didn't admit you to the hospital right away. I hope your medications kick in and you feel at least a little better over the next couple of days. Please don't wait a week to go back to the Dr. if you don't see some improvement within 48 hrs.
  4. TeDo

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    Oh, sweetie, you ARE sick. I really hope you take care of yourself, ie follow ALL doctor's recommendations!!! Sending warm tea and Calgon for long hot soaks and a sign for your door that says

  5. 1905

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    Oh my gosh, get under the covers and don't do anything for anyone, they all can make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches if they had to. You need to get well! Sending tea, Nyquil and a fuzzy blanket. Glad you got the card. (hugs)
  6. TerryJ2

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    Yes, the cards! I've gotten two now.

    Holy cow, Tiapet, you got hit hard! I hope those antibiotics do the trick. You may have to stay on them twice as long. I've only had strep once, and I still remember the pain, 20+ yrs later, so I can hardly imagine your pain. But at least you're not smoking, as you pointed out! I hope that part lasts!

    Yeah, having to drive your difficult child to school when you're sick--incredible timing. Ugh.
    I hope you can sleep an extra 2-3 hrs every night. Sleep helps everything.

    Hugs and soft swallowing coming your way.
  7. Tiapet

    Tiapet Old Hand

    Yes, I started running fever since Saturday night. I'm weird. I run under normal temp as a norm. So a fever for me is a low grade for everyone else, which means it's significant. Yes if I get worse with in the next day or two I will definitely go as "I" can't handle feeling like THIS let alone even worse! Drinking my hot tea as much as possible over cold stuff, though I think the cold actually feels better (iced tea homemade). I have ice cream but I rethought that idea as I'm lactose intolerant so gave it to oldest difficult child.
    Speaking of's her 21st birthday tomorrow and I am really upset and mad. I learned that UPS supposedly delivered her gift today (which I paid to have sent over night here) but unfortunately NOT to OUR house! I'm ****** because A) our neighbors usually bring our packages or mail when they go astray and B) because UPS KNOWS our house. I've learned that Amazon's policy is that they will replace or refund only (which doesn't get it here on time) and also that UPS can't do anything about it because they have a "special" policy with Amazon that Amazon will handle situations like this. (see what I said prior!)

    So now, I don't have the BIG bulk of her gift (a bunch of books to complete her series) and only her tiny little things. :( While she knows about it and is upset and disappointed herself and trying very hard to be understanding, I can tell it really upsets her as she is a BIG presents person ON her birthday. She will be fine an I do know this but I am disappointed for her.

    I gave Amazon what for. Told them what good is tracking? It's great to see the journey your package is on and tacking but it's NO good to know if the RIGHT person got the package or not. They need signature confirmation or something. Again, Amazon claims it's up to UPS, Ups claims it's up to them! GRRRRRR!

    Thanks for all the thoughts ladies....doing my best here and will continue....sickness...svks!
  8. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    If you like butterscotch, wearthers hard candy is great for the knives in the throat. I probably didn't spell the brand right either. lol It not only helps keep it wet (saliva) but it coats the throat too.

    You need to get thee to bed and stay there as much as you possibly can. Rest and sleep are your best friends right now. I know it's really hard to do when you're feeling so utterly horrible but you need to make sure you're eating something at mealtime even if it's much smaller amounts than normal. Your body needs the fuel to get better.

    If difficult child is within walking distance of school (this to me is within 2 miles), then let him walk. Natural consequences for his lack of judgement on the bus. My kids walked 2 miles to school every single day.....and it had nothing to do with punishment. lol The last thing you need is to keep venturing out into the weather. You need to stay down and pamper yourself.

    If you suspect an allergic reaction (which new symptoms indicate the possibility) contact the doctor asap and let them know. If you're reacting to one of the medications, it's just going to make things worse.

    When I caught the pneumonia in school.......suddenly everything else decided to hit too. I thought I'd never get over it all. When you're resistance is down long enough, it allows other lil buggies to invade.

    I've gotten 2 cards too. :) UAN.........your card cracked me up! And Maggie's response was absolutely hilarious!

    Take care of yourself Tia. The kids are all old enough to fend for themselves for a while.

  9. cubsgirl

    cubsgirl Well-Known Member

    I hope you feel better soon! Rest. Rest. Rest.
  10. buddy

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    Sorry you are so sick. I hope youre not having an allergic reaction. Of course that can change over time so pls be careful!
  11. DDD

    DDD Well-Known Member

    :ill: I'm sorry. Sending hugs. DDD
  12. PatriotsGirl

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    I am sorry you are so sick. I sure know what that is like. I keep asking how many infections can one person possibly get??

    Severe bronchitis is what helped me quit smoking the second time and last time. I had quit once using Wellbutrin and that worked. After a while, I would have a cigarette when I drank alcohol, then it was one on the way home from work, etc until before I knew it, I was pretty much smoking again. I got severe bronchitis and threw those nasty things away swearing I was done and I was/still am. Now I cannot believe I ever smoked. What a waste of health and money.

    Good luck on quitting!! :D And congratulations!!