got my halloween costume

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by KFld, Oct 26, 2007.

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    Well I'm going to a halloween party tomorrow night and I got my costume. I'm so excited. I'm even more excited because ex has chosen to either not go at all, or show up for a short time and leave, because as he left on my voicemail, he doesn't want to make me feel uncomfortable, and I should go and relax and have a good time and enjoy myself. Again, where is the throwing up icon????? I really could have cared less if he was going to be there the entire night. I was planning on going, having a blast, and pretending he wasn't there anyway.

    Anywho, I bought this skin colored sheer shirt that looks like your arms and entire upper body are tattoo'd. I bought a spikey choker collar, I bought a neon pink and black punky wig, and I'm going to wear a small black tank top so you can see all my tattoo's. Then I'll either wear black pants or jeans and comfy shoes because there will be a d.j. and I want to make sure I'm comfortable enough to dance all night long!!!!!
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    :jack: Sounds excellent! Have a great time! :dance:

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    Dam*! I typed a reply and I think I forgot to hit submit!!! :grrr:

    As I was saying...

    Take a lot of pictures and post them! This sounds like a great costume and you'll look FANTASTIC! If bff Jill is going to be there, have her take pictures of his face when he sees you for the first time!!!

    They say a pictures worth a thousand words!!!


    Have a great time!!!!

    :jack: :ghost:
  4. KFld

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    I'll make sure my easy child brings her camera so I can put them on my computer and post a lot of them.

    If he shows up, I hear he's going to be dracula. Boy is he going to be upset that he has lost the right to bite my neck when he sees me.
  5. WhymeMom?

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    Okay, where did you find the shirt? Sounds great and a comfortable idea to boot! Have fun....
  6. KFld

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    I got the shirt at one of the 6,000 halloween stores they have along route one here. It's really cool and they look so real.