Got phone call from difficult child

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by missyk33, May 30, 2013.

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    Yesterday, I got a phone call from her just crying. Summertime is really bad for her and she knows it. She called about her appointment with Region 3 and its not until July and she really needs her medicine. I told her that as much as she didn't like it, she needed to go to the mobile unit and they would give her some medicine and she threw a fit about that. Then I told her to find a dr and see if they could give her some medications until her next appointment. She was going to try that but she wound up not calling. She said that by the time she was able to calm herself to be able to handle a phone call, it was 2 late for her to go. I hate it for her but she is going to have to do this on her own. She really wanted me to do the calling and taking care of it for her but since she wanted to be on her own, she gets to do it on her own.
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    Good for you! Stay strong!
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    Ditto! Keep strong she can do it she just has to choose to do it.
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    As hard as it is they must learn to take care of themselves. I finally got that message!!! All of my 'helping' did nothing to help. I spent hours calling for clinics and places my difficult child can go for help. He didn't bother to call one number I gave him.