got rid of difficult child's pyschiatrist today

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    so we spent another sleepless night difficult child and i. she was flying last night bigtime. she couldn't stay still couldn't sleep, we had all 5 kids last night so there was no where for her to go besides her room which she shares with older difficult child.

    so it was bad, she was relentless i tried repeatedly to calm her to no avail. i got a little nasty around 3 a.m. i couldn't help myself i was so exhausted myself.

    long story short at 5 i gave up and went downstairs with her and she laid on the recliner chair me on the portion of couch that was open. she fell asleep for an hour. she woke up covered in pee chair ruined.

    i was schedule for appointment. at sloan today i fought hard for appointment. couldn't go babysitter had strep i got the call, boyfriend couldn't open store late we did think of it he was going to but then it was too late i had to be on road by 630 a.m.

    long story short i figured ok let me make calls i'm home i'll be productive. so i called pyschiatrist who i planned on getting rid of once i found new one. i get his lovely assistnat on the phone with whom is nasty short with me and proceeds to tell me how we have to bring difficult child to the appointment for insurance purposes to discuss the follow up to columbia's testing and how we will move forward.

    i said i have been down this road before and you can infact see me bill the insurance for my ex nightmare to come in and myself. i am not going to do like i did last time leaving my daughter in hallway her skin crawling for 40 minutes knocking on door every 5 min. while we tried to talk, way too stressful for her and it hinders us being able to concentrate during meeting.

    she gets nasty again. that was it she comes back on phone and says well you can pay 200 for hte mtg. if you'd like because you do not want to bring your daugther.

    i said i have another plan you are totally rude and very inefficient you never return our calls the dr. is impossible to get thru to (she also told me we couldn't meet til i have written recommendation hence we are waiting for pyschaitrist to get back to hospital to give his input hence written report will then be done. ) he has not returned columbia's call at all so we're done now you can forward that message to him. she hangs up on me.

    ugh. let me tell you i am a closet violent woman all i could see was going down to that office and smacking her nasty face. ooh yes i said

    so now i'm without a pyschiatrist. oh wait there's more.............. ex calls oh how i love talking to him. i tell him i got rid of pyshciatrist i say listen i'd like to go back to old one he's great with rin and he'll be good about keeping contact with whatever new therapist of find, he calls me back when i need him and he's good. yet he said that he will take whatever the insurance co. reiumburses as payment (he's out of network). ex says well i don't have any money for any of this.

    so yup i plant him. i said i'm trying Occupational Therapist (OT) figure out how to pay off a 4k and change bill now from hospital not to mention a ton in spending money on hotels, food, fixing truck, etc. you technically owe me money at this point yet i have to pull teeth with you to pay this doctor i owe him 400 from previous visits.

    so i said from here on out you are no longer going to be involved in this process you can do your every other weekend yet besides school mtgs. i' mon my own again you give me nothing but headache's do not help at all financially we're killing ourselves and actually paid rent late this mos.

    ok thanks for letting me vent all this out. i was so so aggrivated earlier it was unreal.

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    It sounds like you've had it coming at you from all directions. {{{Hugs}}}. I'm going to move this over to General.
  3. {{{{HUGS}}}} I am so sorry you are having such a difficult time. All you want is help for your difficult child and you hit roadblocks in every direction.

    I hope you have luck going back to the old psychiatrist.