Got some answers from the doctor...that has left me with more questions..overwhelbed!

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    My little Sweetpea has may issues it seems anyways. I have been "pushing" the psychologist that had assessment difficult child for ADD/HD and finally today I talk to him about Jacob and what is happening. The doctor tells me that difficult child is ADD...well yeah tell me something I didn't know, then he tells me that he is depressed as well. Well ok lets add that to the long list of what else is going on with him. He says that everything hurts, his head, his arm, his back, knees, etc. Yeah, it changes but for the most part at least 1 thing hurts him everyday so he says anyway. Now the things that I can confirm that are a problem allergies, sleep issues, Learning Disability (LD), working memory.

    There is this big list of stuff and me...I am getting overwhelmed with all this! Is there one doctor that takes all of this in to consideration? What can I do? I am a mess right now.

    difficult child 16, is just now getting some what under control with his ODD, PTSD & Depression. He is still and always will have his issues.
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    Has he been checked to rule out RA (just looking at your signature and thinking about his physical complaints)?

    Unfortunately, I don't think there is one physician that can manage someone with a complex array of disorders. You'll have to balance the care between a psychiatrist/therapist and then keep the primary care in the loop (who could probably help with the allergies and the other physical issues up to a point).

    It is overwhelming at times. Take a deep breath, and try to just focus on what you need to do for today. Don't worry too far down the line or you'll drive yourself nuts... been there done that!
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    Thanks...I just don't get this why wouldn't one doctor take everything in to consideration? or maybe they will and it is just that I have to keep all the info? I am having problems as it is getting difficult child's records from his old PCP. I guess I forgot to mention that there is also a heart issue as well....but no one really knows what it is during the sleep study it was beating funny but they never found the problem nor has it happened again.

    We go to the primary doctor today...and I need to talk to her about the physical issues, sleep issues, allergies, Learning Disability (LD) stuff, RA testing, ADD, depression. Get referrals (I hope) for the pedi-cardio doctor and the neuropsychologist as well.
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    What kind of doctor diagnosed him? Did he run any tests or evaluate him for any great length of time? If he didn't, frankly, I'd go to a neuropsychologist. A one hour look at our kids, plus talking to us and watching them, just isn't enough to give anyone a good picture of what's wrong (and we found that many therapists wanted to diagnose after such an abbreviated session). We learned to go with the guys who are willing to dig deep, take time, and explore all options. We had very bad luck with plain psychologists as far as misdiagnoses and treatment and in my opinion they aren't that great at figuring out the core problem, but tend to, like you got, hand out a laundry list of ten diagnosis., not really focusing on the main issue. I think this is because they really don't bother to find out what it is, at least it was like that for us. Big time.
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    The psychologist meet with me once alone and then 2 hour long sessions with difficult child. I don't know if he ran any tests but he did give out these questioners to me and both of difficult child's teachers. This is the first time that we have gone through test except for the Learning Disability (LD) testing the school did 2 years ago. I would really like to get him to the neuropsychologist but I need a referral for that, I am asking today for it but don't know if the doctor is going to give it to him.
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    If he has multiple medical issues (physical and mental health) I would see if you can get a team of people to review his files. A multidisciplinary evaluation should consider some medical issues that can cause behavioral problems. Not sure if it would cover everything.

    Check with the local Children's Hospital.
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    Wow. I wouldn't consider that sufficient. My son was tested for ten hours. I hope you can get a referral. Sounds like this guy didn't go into much detail and only looked for ADHD. Lots of things look like ADHD.
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    I am off to find out...going to pick up the kiddos right now and then to the doctor. I will post when I find out. Thanks
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    We just got home almost 2 hours at the doctors office with both boys...can you say hell. So I go in to the appointment with my list and go over everything at least once. The doctor tells me that she doesn't see anything wrong with Jacob's joints or his back...ok So then I tell her about the heart, ADD?, depression?, working memory, Learning Disability (LD) testing, sleep issues, etc They are going to get a sleep study setup and they gave me a referral for a psyciatrist....because that is the next hoop...ugh I have no idea how many more I am going to have to go through until we can get in the neuropsychologist.