Got the orders for the latest medication tweak...


Here we go again!
for difficult child 2. So now, instead of 600mg Seroquel XR at night, and 100mg regular Seroquel at lunchtime, he's going to get 400mg XR at night and 300mg XR at lunch.

Now you see why I only give the school one week's worth of medications at a time? I figured this would happen.

So now I have to get another friggin' authorization form from the school, fax it to the psychiatrist and have them fax it back with the new dosing requirements.

Not to mention another retail scrip that's going to cost me an arm and a leg! There's no time to do mail order on this if I'm to start it tomorrow. So I'll likely get to pay well over $100 for 30 pills at my local pharmacy, versus $75 for 90 pills mail order. Outrageous. No wonder we're maxing out credit cards and depleting our savings this year. Between husband's surgery, his two root canals and crowns, difficult child 2's braces, difficult child 1's colonoscopy, and the umpteen drugs I've had to buy retail, then mail order, only to find out we had to switch a few months later (do you know how much Depakote and Risperdal I have in my cupboard? The waste is sickening).

Okay, done with the vent.

Fingers crossed this works!
I know what you're saying...the waste is ridiculous. The questions is, what are we supposed to do with all these medications that are no longer being used? I don't want to poison the water supply and throwing out medications seems quite dangerous too. I have 89 depakote pills, 60ish topomax, 40ish seroquel, 80 cymbalta and various stimulants. It's such a shame because there are so many people of limited means that these medications would mean the world to.


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These must be in forms that you can not split the 600 to 300? Otherwise, the 100 you can use up by using 3 or 4 for the dosage?

Ususally medications are good for one year so keep the 600 just in case there is another update within the year.

I join in the frustration of unused medications in these times that medications are so expensive. I have some clonazepam going to waste!


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Check on that first just to be sure- some medications aren't supposed to be split if they are extended release.


Well-Known Member guys sure have some medications that I could Ship me the seroquel, topamax and the


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I'll take the Depakote, the Seroquel, the Clonezapam, and if anyone has any spare Zyprexa laying around...I'll take that, too!

I get many of my medications through a multi-county assistance program for the medically indigent, but they'd still, I'm sure, love to have what I use available to give to someone else.


Here we go again!
With my luck, I'd get arrested.

A few years ago, our psychiatrist did have a family that was of very little means and they could not afford the scrip for Risperdal. As luck would have it, we'd decided it wasn't working for difficult child 2 and he offered to take it off my hands and would give it to the family in need. I don't know if what he did was legal?

There's got to be a legit organization that collects unused medications and redistributes them legally.

If anyone here knows, please PM me!

I've got a cupboard full of stuff that's just taking up space and bound for the trash.

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How frustrating! We too have lots of extra of difficult child's medications. We're lucky in that we have excellent insurance so we don't have to pay any co-pays on his medications.

I don't think there is an organization that can redistribute medications. I just read an article in our paper today about all the waste and how to get rid of the medications. Our city has a drop off about 2 times a year to get rid of unused medications.


Here we go again!
I seem to remember somebody on an IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) board telling me about a charity group that does this with unused medications. I'll have to do some more digging and will share what I find out.