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    from Gfg2s place today. The first appointment they scheduled is on the same day as gfg1s next permanancy hearing. I am so happy that we are starting off this way. So we will have to call the first of the week to tell them we need to reschedule. Why they couldn't just ask us is beyond my comprehension but alas so much of this is.

    We also recieved some of the "rules" and some of what can happen with his education. Evidentally we will also be recieving a new IEP meeting. Can't even imagine how that will go.

    I just sit here shaking my head continually. They also gave us this piece of paper to fill out with history. However it isn't exactly the best for that.

    Think I will sit down and work on a revised (don't know what I did with the original I started long ago) parent report. Then I will have husband help with the things I miss.

    I still wonder why they call it the state training school. I want to know what they intend on training him for. That is probably going to be one of my first questions. I know what I think they will be training him for but alas I also don't think that want that response.

    Ah well, the beginning of a new chapter. What a discouraging book this would be to anyone that read it.

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    Of course it would be scheduled on the same day-grrr! Gentle hugs.
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    but ofcourse............they scheduled on same day..........

    good luck with the paper work!!

    jen :)
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    Beth - I'm sorry things are starting out messed up. Hopefully things will turn out to be better in the long run. You must be just threadbare emotionally right now. Please take care of yourself.

    How's difficult child 2 settling in? Have you heard from him yet?

    A gentle hug for you.