Got this message last night from an ex co-worker. Thanks to all for the support by the way!

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    • I can tell you that everyone(in transportation) has said they have NEVER had a problem with you when u subbed for them! M. and N. also said u did a great job with the kids. T. said you dont have a mean bone in your body and u would never raise your voice...We all have seen or should i say heard how P. can be...we can hear what she says on the radio..and her mean tone! I dont understand how she hasnt been fired yet. When she sub drove for N. she answered the phone and talked while driving and I told N..N. in turn told R. She(P.) thinks she is never in the wrong with anything. I keep my distance from her. I dont want to get involved with someone like her. Remember Terri (made up name) the driver? She was fired when someone called and told the office she was on the phone? Terri tried to explain that she was not driving,but pulled over. They would not take her word on it. Now P has done the same, but shes still here? What the hell? excuse my language, but its rediculous. Really. Other people that have been fired for little things have not been listened to when trying to tell their side of the I really hope there is some way they will listen to you!!!!
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    :bigsmile: I'm glad you know that there's NO WAY it was you!!!!
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    Yeah, I know tht made you feel better. What a nice letter!!!!!
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    It's great to be validated! What a nice letter and so kind of co-worker.
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    One good thing about this whole thing is how many great folks came out of the woodwork to support me. It shocked me as I am a solitary person. I'm including all the GREAT people here too.

    I have a much needed therapy appointment in a half an hour. I'm amazed at how hard it is to get over this! I think it's because it was so not-true.

    Thanks to everyone!
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    You understand that this guarantees you unemployment benefits, right? That letter at the very least states that you did nothing to justify termination, and could very well be grounds for wrongful termination.
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    I hope that you take this to heart, knowing that you were dealt with unfairly.

    Just keep looking for a different place. That program, and that particular employee who complained about you, will eventually come to someone's attention, because you are not the only one.