Got to share...We pulled it off!

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    husband has been in San Diego for six weeks. For the last eight weeks, we've been planning on surprising him with daughter. It's been killer to keep such a secret from him but it was worth it.

    sister in law & brother in law were making there family vacation trip to Palm Springs and then to Texas. They talked to husband about stopping by and having him come stay the holiday weekend with him. They met him at a parking lot near his apartment. daughter hid under blankets in the back while my niece kept my 3 yrs old nephew quiet. Then husband followed behind brother in law & sister in law heading towards the resort.

    About half-way there, they stopped for dinner. Everyone got out but daughter. She stayed hidden. They had husband sit with his back towards the door. daughter came in and said "scoot over". husband said he had to do a double take to make sure he was seeing correctly. husband got tears, He was so happy to see daughter. Then husband thought he'd just see her for the weekend. He was very happy to find out she's staying for three weeks.

    husband has called and thanked me a dozen times.

    Thanks for letting me share.
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    What a great surprise, I could never have pulled it off, so HATS OFF TO YOU!!!!!
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    So nice to read about a family that loves each other so much.

    You are certainly blessed indeed! ;)
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    Made me smile:D
    Seriously happy!!!
    Have a great weekend.
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    feels good to hear a happy story :O)
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    Wow! How special - a wonderful gift for all!
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