Gotta love 1 Broom.

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    Got a text at 5:45 from 1Broom. It was easy child 2(using THAT term loosely). She wanted to stay at her mom's longer, they got a new tv, and she wanted to load her Christmas cd's onto her ipod.

    I replied (per dad) "ok, how long?"
    "I don't know, what's for supper and when?"
    "Its ready now, and I'm leaving in 15 minutes."
    "where are you going?"
    "Shooting practice."
    "Ok, I want to come now."

    So I went and got her.

    Asked her mom, just to verify, that she's not grounded from anything this week. Her mom's reply, and I quote, "I am not grounding her for anything. And besides that, she has all A's, B's, and 1 C in all of her classes. And all of her work is turned in."

    I said really? Is the online gradebook that far off? Cause it shows she turned in 2 math papers that brought her grade up to a 70%, but she's still got 9 F's, 3 of which are just plain missing.

    She said it didn't reflect the work that was just turned in. I said "you mean today's work and the assignments from last week? They are on here."

    And then she said (ready?) "Well, easy child said she turned in the missing work and all her grades are just fine now."


    easy child said? And that's what you're basing this on?????


    I just said that I was only concerned from the standpoint of her lies. Beyond that, I'm out of that picture.