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    Yep, gotta love em. I keep reminding myself of that.

    So difficult child has been ramping up, he went camping with husband last weekend and some how difficult child got water in the medication minders. Neither of them had their pills for a day or two. husband seems to be faring well, but difficult child son????

    We did our fireworks last night as both kids were at friends' houses on the fourth. difficult child son had 2 friends over (a record for him) and right before we started difficult child dtr said oh, I told F she could come over. So husband and difficult child dtr went to get her friend. difficult child dtr had been being mean and rude to difficult child son and his friends all night, was just irritable and mean. I probably should not have let her bring her friend over, but hindsight is 20 20.

    So difficult child dtrs friend? Is sweet as pie, and I think was amazed at how nasty difficult child dtr was. She was yelling and screaming at her brother and all his friends, and really? They were just being excited boys. Untill she got nasty, and difficult child upped the ante. difficult child dtr would sit there and yell at me because I did not do anything, but she would not quit talking to me so I could deal with them. And if I tried? She would get mad because I was not listening to her. I can either listen to her, or deal with trying to get difficult child son to be quieter, and she would not stop, would not quit, and nothing was good enough. Today is her birthday, and I told her she is staying home. I don't care if it is her birthday, you do not get to be that rude and disrespectful and then go play like nothing happened. I have had it with her attitude. I am supposed to go to the coast with my mom, sister, difficult child dtr and her friend. The last thing I want to do is go wtih difficult child dtr. She had the nerve to sit there and complain because her birthday will suck as she won't get anything. Hellooooo, you are getting a trip to the coast with $100 in spending money. That is a lot for us.

    difficult child son? I don't know if he even slept last night. I get up at 4am for work and so I have some quiet time, and he was already up. for some reason he had called my cell phone at 3:50am. He was on a roll, argueing, yelling, just over the top. He had an old friend of his (who is also a difficult child) move back into the neighbor hood, and they have gotten together. The friend seems really nice, like he has matured and grown up. I wonder if he did not go to an Residential Treatment Center (RTC) or TFH as he was gone for 2 years but his mom still lived in the same house. So that has just got difficult child over the moon excited. He wants to go spend the night at the boys house on Friday, but if I still go to the coast (which I am not sure at this point that I will.........not unless difficult child son calms down fast) I am leery of having him do that while I am gone. husband is doing ok, but it is a very fragile ok and not a true stability.

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    Yikes!! Too bad you can't go to the coast with-o gfgdtr!!! I hope things calm down and that when she is away from difficult child on the coast she will become a easy child!! ((((hugs))))