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    I read your post to Pinevalley and wanted to respond to you but not take away form her thread.

    I am so sorry your son died from a drug overdose. Your story has been replayed several times with friends of difficult child's. Heroin is a horrible drug. All drugs are horrible but especially heroin. You are right, it is very popular now and very prevalent in our community. It is relatively cheap and our rehab counselor told us that the reason it is so addictive is that you get a tremendous high the first time you use it and you chase that high every time after that and never actually get the same effect but keep trying. And so you use more and more each time. When the addict goes into treatment and their body is detoxed and then they relapse, often it results in death because their body is not use to that much and it almost always causes seizures.

    difficult child met a guy in rehab and when she got out she was going to go live with him. Of course we thought it was a horrible idea because by that time we knew difficult child had relapsed and figured so did he. The week before she was going to move in he died from heroin, the first time he used it since his rehab. It was Christmas Day. And he isn;t the only one. Since then several other young people difficult child was in rehab with also died from heroin.

    I agree that normally pot use does not cause extreme behaviors and selling possessions. Our difficult child was drinking heavily in addition to using pot. She was drinking a case a night near the end. We also found out she was experimenting with pills, we assume oxy. When she came out of rehab she also did spice having learned about it there. Fortunately she never did heroin, to our knowledge anyway and she has sworn she has not, but I have no doubt she would have eventually if she continued in her drug use.

    Several communities and schools around us have made a very public announcement that they are taking heroin use very seriously and are going after any drug dealer they find. They have begged parents for their help in stopping this epidemic.

    I am so sorry for your pain but I thank you for sharing your story. Did you attend any meetings to help you through your grief?

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    I am always in awe of your strength and compassion for others. You are a remarkable person.
    I just wanted to give you a gentle hug and tell you thank you for sharing your story with us.
    ((((lms to gottaloveem)))

    Nancy thank you for starting this post.
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    Thank you so much for sharing your story.... my big fear is that my son will get into heroin... and since he is on the street or somewhere right now, I don't know where, that is where my imagination is going. I was just thinking about this very thing on my way home and then I came and read your post. I know that I need to continue to be strong and let him find his way but it is so hard.

    So my question for you is how did you get through it? I just can't imagine how I would get through that and yet for all of us that is a real danger for our difficult children.

    Hugs to you and thanks so much for sharing.

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    Thank you so much for sharing your story. I can't even imagine your pain. You are truly gracious to share it with us in the hope of helping others. I admire your grace and courage and thank you from the bottom of my heart.
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    God bless your Alex. His spirit lives on in the support and advice you share with others. ((((()))))
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    (((HUGS))) Thanks so much. This board has always been a tremendous support for me ever since I joined initially in 2003.

    Getting through it doesn't happen. You change, your life changes, you adopt a new normal. Life isn't as happy as it used to be. For me, time stopped nearly 6 years ago. I did find wonderful support groups both on line and in person. In our community, 12 people under the age of 23 died in 2006. Alex's dear friend Kenny was found dead in his bed 3 weeks after Alex died. His mom found him on Mothers Day. 3 weeks after that, another one of his friends, Gary(from Middle School) died. Another friend lost her son 2 years ago. The year Alex died I went to 4 funerals of young people. I understand it is still in our community. My community does a great job in ignoring the monster this has become.

    ((Zardo)) thank you.

    I always stop by and see if my input can be helpful.

    I wish I would've found this site when Alex was much younger. Maybe I would've been able to....... well whatever, the what if's and should haves can bury me if I let it.

    Best of luck with your difficult child's. I aways check in and do not mind sharing our story if it helps. You can ask me anything. Sometimes the only way to feel good is to help somebody else.

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    Lia thank you for your continued support. I remember some of your struggles with your son. I also admire you for still sharing and helping those of us still struggling with addicted loved ones. I wish you peace of heart. (((HUGS))) -RM
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    Thanks Lia for sharing with us. I have only been here a year so did not hear all your struggles back then.... but my heart goes out to you and all you have been through. I too wish I had been here when my son was younger as I have found this group a huge help.... but as you say we can't go to the what ifs and only ifs.... doesn't help and in the end may not have made any difference anyways.