Government stupidity can really irk me!

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    Okay a quick background, then on to my vent.

    So in the western section of this province and into the province that neighbors Ontario, there runs a rail line (now nearly extinct) and a bus line. So the bus line can't afford to run the routes there. Many of these communities rely on the bus services to get to nearby larger towns for staple needs of life such as doctors, pharmacies and groceries. So the bus company can't afford to keep those bus lines running. Communities have asked the government for support to the bus line to subsidize the cost in order to keep their lifeline of travel for basic needs available. To no avail.

    Now my vent.

    I just checked my mail. The federal government has sent every household a fact sheet/flyer through the post office. Talking about the help the government is giving to the rail lines, bus lines, in order to help Canadians. It has NO information about what they supposedly are doing. I'm guessing that this was printed before the transportation company had to announce the shut down of some of their routes. And before the government refused to assist them in keeping these routes alive through financial support.

    So lets pretend it only cost a penny per "fact sheet". Now it's obviously more expensive than that to print these sheets and have the post office deliver them. However, lets go with a penny. Millions of dollar spent to give me and every household a piece of non recyclable paper, that has NO facts or information> It basically was a 3-4 sentence "slogan" to cheer the governement for assisting Canadians with their transportation services in hard hit communities. What a joke!!! Now. What about NOT printing useless propoganda BS and instead sending the millions saved to the transport company to assist these communities in obtaining much need services unavailable locally to them??


    Senseless government spending is always a frustration for me. But right now, with the far reaching effects of the economical crisis, this type of spending really ticks me off!

    Just like the last election. I got a phone call that was precorded. It was our previous member of parliament recording a message that he supports the candidate in our area from the same political party that he is member of. DOH! Now umm, surely I didn't need to get a recording telling me a former Liberal party rep was supporting the current Liberal candidate? I surely didn't think he suddenly backed the other party!?! The kicker. Only people who could vote for that person were people local to me. So this recording was autodialed LONG DISTANCE from across the country to all local phone numbers. WHAT???
    The idea was stupid to begin with, but to have a long distance bill from across the country to over 75,000 homes?

    I lose more faith each day.
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    Well, without getting political, I'll just say that it isn't always Canada, as you know. People in government making decisions don't always have common sense for some reason.
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    Last fall after the elections, our local representative who lost re-election sent out her quarterly senatorial "update" by US Mail to every household in her district. The entire gist of the letter was to encourage people to not vote to re-elect the current governor in 2010, who is not from her party. At the bottom of her letter was a website address where you could go to either volunteer and/or donate to her party. This was written on government time, on government stationary, and franked at the government post office. But she called it an update and began the letter with something along the lines of "It's been an interesting session." No rules were violated. And she wonders why she wasn't re-elected.
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    It IS stupid and frustrating, isn't it? How about a certain former president's wife who is now in the Senate and sent out letters AFTER the campaign that begged for people to continue to donate to her campaign until all her election-accrued debt was paid for?

    Sadly, idiots abound in the world.
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    We have no way to get around where I live. There's no mass transportation anywhere in Wisconsin except big cities. So we have to drive. And they wonder why Americans drive so much. No choice.

    Well, we can pay $50.00 for a taxi to get groceries :tongue: