Gov't admits vaccinations link to Autism

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Star*, Mar 7, 2008.

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    I saw this on the news this morning in a case of a little girl - sweet ginger head. The mother said she was above average intelligence and got 9 vaccinations in one day and ended up with Autism and Autism like movement. They also said she has a rare cell disorder that was not known until they saw Autistic like symptoms in her. So sad.

    The CDC is denying it - but the gov't awarded and has awarded a million dollars to this family and 22 other families to date.

    I guess I never doubted the doctors giving my baby vaccinations and immunizations. Gotta wonder if there isn't something in the food we eat that is maybe triggered by the vaccines...?
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    Does not surprise me a bit. My opinion, We are all test rats and the government profits from it from the pharmacuetical companies. Everytime I am in a doctors office and I see them people dressed up in their fancy business cloths pulling along a cart behind them stocked with the one drug that according to them will be the fix all for this or that I say "Another drug pusher is in the house" The doctors get paid bigtime to push these drugs onto their patients from the pharmacuetical companies but they would not admit it. I saw a big to do news thing about that not to long ago. This is also why the doctors are always looking to hand out all of those samples that they accru over time. No they might not get paid for handing out the samples but I am sure they look forward to the results from the very patients that take these samples. (Test rat)

    In the case of the lil girl, Do you recall the name of the disorder? I have a friend that has a lil girl that has a disorder very simular to autisimn (Can't remember the name of it, Darn it) that he said is very rare, Only like 250 cases in the US. She does exibit the characteristics of a person with autismn but yet has not been diagnosed as her disorder being that. Hmmmm