Gov't Rebate Programs for Appliances

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    This may be of interest to some of us.

    The new rebates for replacing appliances with energy star models is being run by the states. You can get rebates just for getting a new appliance with the Energy Star rating. Each state is different.

    You can find out your state's program by going to the US Dept of Energy website. The rebates are VERY different from state to state. My state is giving up to $200 per appliance (2 rebates per household), some states only apply this to furnaces, others to more appliances than that.

    Something to think about during Spring cleaning and with the tax refunds if you are getting one. Rebates are first come first served and each state starts at a different time.
  2. Andy

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    An added note - husband has been watching this as soon as we heard about it. I understand that it has already been offered in some states and is heading into ours very soon.

    Advise that husband received was, "Have the appliance you wish to purchase picked out already." (I would make a list of a few just in case your top choice doesn't qualify).

    Once this offer hits your state, you are NOT going to have a lot of time if any to look for the appliance of your choice. By the time you shop around and decide, the program will most likely be closed for you. So, know ahead of time which one and where you would like to get it from.

    We are looking into refridgerator/freezer combo.
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    This is not a new concept in my state. While different from the rebate program, we've been getting an incentive on our tax return for energy star appliances for a while now.
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    husband has decided not to wait for the program. He figured there will not be enough funds to go around and we can get a good deal now on what we want. Neither of us want to take a day off of work just to try to capture these funds. They will most likely be gone within hours of the program opening.

    So, I go into the store to scope out his finds. I really like the ones he choose. I didn't have time to measure our space today so I had him measure it this afternoon and meet me back at the store.

    Good thing we measured. The ones we are looking for are WAY to big for our space. :( :( :(

    The next one we looked for is somewhat too big. We would have to take out a pantry which has a light switch connected. I am trying to convince husband that the side the light switch is on can stay put and we can just tear down the right side and the few shelves.

    I don't have a good feeling that will happen so we may be looking at a SMALLER fridge/freezer just so we get something new that fits! :(

    sigh - off to more stores we go in hopes of finding a different brand that may have the features we want.

    Fortunately we measured first!!! :) :)