Gracious how many more people and....

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    appointments does one family need.

    People wonder why I only work a very part time job. Well it is simple we have so much going on that more hours would mean not going to one of these many darn appointments.

    Evidently the governor of our fine state decided (yeah right) that when a child is in placement that we need to have an in home worker that works with him and us in addition to the others. When do we find this out? When the guy calls asking to come to our house today right after getting back from gfg2s appointments this morning. I looked around (we are in the midst of the bathroom/pantry redos. I am still putting the boxes of books away from the book sale (I put them in my database first) and easy child still in bed since she had no school today. So of course we say sure come on over. He gets here and wouldn't you know the phone rings. It is the University Hospital that will be doing the re evaluation. I again verified it was the full multi-disciplinary one. She asked a few questions about why we needed a couple of things and I patiently explained. All the while this other person is trying to get husband to sign releases etc. I got done on the phone (didn't want to put this off as it will be December before we can get him in and I don't want to make it any longer than necessary). So then I can focus on this new person. Who tells us he has only had this job a week :crazy2:

    He says he has been doing this type of work for 10 years but is just new with this company. Ok....we will see how this goes. He schedules with us to come next week and we move on and he leaves after we warned him a boat load of times about gfg2s manipulation. I still don't think he "heard" it though. He will learn. I don't have a problem with more help but good gravy couldn't we have known before that we were getting him.

    I put a call in to our dhs worker and she called back a couple hours later. I asked what was up with this and she said that she apoligized she thought he was waiting until the staffing on the 29th to meet everyone. (I didn't say this but what she was just going to throw a new worker into the mix with no heads up. Arghhhhh)

    Then she says that since difficult child 1 is transitioning into adult living (on her own) when she ages out of her placement in May we don't have to have an additional worker for her. Well blessings to that.

    We also have gfg2s IEP meeting on the same day as the staffing. While at his conference today the teacher asked if we got the letter. Uh no we hadn't. So she printed another out and gave it to us. GRRRRRRRR.

    We'll see how long it takes for difficult child 2 to get this one to do something he isn't supposed to. Anyone willing to take odds?

    husband and I are going to work on our parent report as we have not done an official one. husband gets so confused trying to remember things and obviously since I wasn't there in the beginning I only know what I have been told. So my timeline of events is not as accurate as it should be. So I will have to corner husband and do this. He isn't happy about it but said he would work on it. 3 years 5 monthes and 14 days until gfgis 18. I can do this really I can.

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    {{{Beth}}} Do you pencil in time to breathe now & again? :smile:
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    I knew I forgot something in the calendar. :surprise:

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    Have the same sort of situation that you have - worked part time for 3 years because of the number of appts for the tweedles. I was finally let go last November because of my inability to be in the office as much as my supervisor would have liked, even though I could & did do a great deal of my work from home.

    The last time I looked in my PDA, under services & medical for the tweedles there were 39 names. Yup, 39 people involved in one way or another with kt or wm. It's amazing how large, & in many ways, cumbersome a team can get. At least once a quarter this same team gets together to make sure everyone is on the same page; following the treatment plan as written.

    I don't know if you can do this, Beth, but since I've gotten ill I've asked for emails over phone calls. It helps me keep a record of who I've talked to, about what & the agreed upon outcome or meeting time. I was getting so very confused & had missed one too many mtgs that I felt my head was going to explode. This gave me a record that I could go back to for referall &/or verification.

    At my busiest I learned to schedule all appts in the first 10 business days of the month; then I was off the calendar. I was available for phone calls & emails. However, I was not available for mtgs (except for psychiatrist).

    Learn to schedule your appts during a certain time period, if you can, then take the rest of the month to yourself. It did my heart/soul good to have that approximately 2 weeks a month to "myself", if you will

    By sharing all this, I wanted to let you know that I feel your pain - a great deal.
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    Holy cow.
    Yes, I like the idea of breathing. Good call, TM.
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    Breathing is good! I know the feeling of so many darn appointments-yuck!