Grandbaby may be sooner than we thought!

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    Well, I may be joining the "Grandma's Club" a few weeks earlier than planned! My daughters due date is May 20th, five weeks from yesterday. She went to the doctor yesterday and the doctor was checking her charts trying to figure out if she could have possibly miscalculated on the dates - her doctor said this baby appears darned near ready to go and she's already starting to dilate! She said not to be surprised if he makes his entrance a week or even two weeks before schedule.

    So she went back to work after her appointment. and after a while her lower back started hurting, a constant, steady ache! She called her husband and he picked her up and took her back to the OB's office. By that time her regular doctor was already gone but one of the others checked her. They hooked her up to a monitor and, even though she wasn't feeling it that way, it showed that she was having regular contractions, seven minutes apart! And this doctor said she was 3 to 4 cm dilated! The contractions finally stopped and they sent her home, but told her to make sure her bag is packed! She could walk around like this for another month, but chances are that he will come pretty soon - I have a feeling she won't make it another week!

    There's really no way she could have miscalculated on the dates. They had been seeing a fertility speciaist so she was doing temp charts and keeping very close track of everything. They found that her tubes were both completely blocked and she had surgery to open one side, then she became pregnant with her very next cycle. So there's not much room there for "miscalculation" - he'll just be early. A little scary but they don't seem to worried about him being a few weeks early. He's a big, strong, healthy, active boy and he should do fine. That doesn't stop "Grandma" from worrying though!

    Stay tuned ... I'll keep you posted!
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    How exciting!

    Some people's "ovens" work faster than others, I s'pose. As long as the baby looks developed enough, he should be fine.

    Hope the contractions were only due to the doctor messing around in there at the exam. Maybe things will quiet down and she'll get another week under her belt.

    Do they have a name selected already?
  3. donna723

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    They've had names picked out almost from day one! He's going to be Ethan Zachary! I sure hope the ultrasound folks didn't make a mistake and he turns out to be a GIRL! If that were to happen, "she" would come home to a pale blue room with a big picture on the wall that says "Ethans Room"!
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    I did this with all 3. easy child was born 3 wks early after her reg contrations sent me to hospital every darned weekend for a month. They'd stop after about 12 hrs. Since she was early anyway, OB didn't want to induce. Travis did it from the 3 month. By the end of 5 months I was diated to 4cm. (you don't want to know the rest lol) With Nichole I did the same as with easy child, only refused to go to the hospital. Although I'd been diated 3-4cm the whole last two months, she arrived promptly on her due date.

    by the way, I never had "normal" contrations. Mine started at 5 mins apart and were Loooooooooog from the get go. Drove my OB nuts. lol

    Good idea for her to have everything ready and packed at this point. I always did because I knew I had a history of early labor.

    Good luck to her. Be sure to let us know. I bet you're getting all excited!! :D :D

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    Usually, if they see a boy's anatomy, it's pretty much a boy. However, the opposite could be true with a girl, which is what happened with Mighty Mouse. I was told he was a girl. I had the room all done in pink and yellow with a flower border. Exactly one week before I had MM, I went in for an ultrasound and the tech asked me if I knew what sex the baby was. I told her, yes, we are having another girl. Not two seconds after putting the wand on my belly, she replied it's a boy! I thought she was kidding until she pointed out the obvious anatomy. Boy, oh boy, was I shocked!

    Anyway, I am sure you will spoil the dickens out of Ethan! Can't wait to see pictures!
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    Oh boy! Another grandbaby for us to coo over...

    I cant
  7. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Gearing up for more COooo factor.......

    I can not wait to see this newest angel.......I think this must be a board record or something for anyone keeping count?

    We anticipate MANY pictures of Ethan Gramms
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    I dilated to 4cm a month before Wiz was born. They even admitted me to the hospital, but then sent me home because the contractions just stopped. It was the day my father in law and stepMIL got married!!!

    I dilated to 2 cm 6 weeks before thank you was born and they put me on medications to stop the contractions and bed rest. the doctor said it was quite dangerous to be working or doing much after you start to dilate. He was appalled that the doctor who delivered Wiz had me just go home at 4 cm.

    so be SURE that they ask about any limits on activity, etc... while dilated. I couldn't even DRIVE.
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    Susie, the doctor told her to stay home from work yesterday and today and to take it easy (she did laundry!) then if nothing more happens she'll be back at work Monday! So far, no more contractions or pains.

    She's a nurse and she works in a doctors office right across the street from the hospital where she'll have the baby ... so going in to labor at work wouldn't be the worst thing that could happen! She could just waddle herself right on across the street ... ;)
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    Star...I think the year with the most babies was in 06.

    That is the year Tylerfan, Everywoman, Me, Daisylover and I think there was one more, had grandkids. In that bunch we were dead even on girls and boys. We all had them almost back to back too. Tylerfan was first, then Daisy, then I am not sure if EW or I had the next one in line. Keyana was born 6/6/06.

    Then we had VickiL have her grandbaby, then LMS and I had my second. Not sure the order there either. But then came Daisy's third. And now will come Donna's first and sometime the end of September will come my third!

    I think it is awesome to watch the difficult child's
  11. donna723

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    Is anyone keeping track of this latest crop ... are there more girls or more boys?