Grandkids are home!!!


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They got here OK. Had supper; they are staying here all night. difficult child and daughter in law are off someplace with her brothers. difficult child actually said they are thinking about getting back together. I had to bite my tongue and I think smoke was probably rolling out of my ears but I guess it's technically none of my business.
Anyway, main thing, everybody is safe and where they belong. Thanks for all of your good wishes.

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Thank God!!

As to the whole "getting back together" thing......... oh, well. The young have to live and learn, sometimes the hard way. Perhaps this was a hard lesson learned by both of them and this will be the huge rough patch of their marriage, they grow from it into a stronger more adult relationship. Stranger things.......

I'm sure you're giving the grandkids extra kisses and hugs and snuggles. :)


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So glad they are safe. I pray those kids were not too traumatized by what they likely experienced.