Grandson accussed of sexual assualt

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by garrison, Apr 16, 2013.

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    OMG!! I just took Mr. I to CPS. He has a little bro and a little sis with his mom. His mom leaves those kids with her aunt very often. Aunt has accussed Mr. I of putting his finger in his bro. Mr. I says no way. There has never been any reason to believe any thing was wrong. I've never seen him be innappropriate with any one in this way. I think the aunt is tired of bio moms sub par parenting skills and is grasping at straws to get the little ones away from bio.
    What do I need to do to protect Mr. I? I am so upset! How do schools handle kids accussed of this?
    Any advice or words of encouragement are very welcome.

    :( Garrison
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    I don't know. I have never gone through this. All I can do is send you HUGE amounts of support. {hugs}
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    Just went though that, difficult child 2 was accused of making younger children do things to each other. I had never seen anything even remotely inappropriate, our CPS' labeled him and left it, I took it to his therapist and psychiatrist they had a program for younger kids and tested him took about 2 hrs label is now off. did they talk to the kids? or is it just Aunts word?
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    Take him in to a GOOD therapist to make sure he isn't sexually acting out. Maybe he was sexually abused somewhere and is acting out on the younger two kids. If aunt wanted to get bio mom in trouble it would make more sense for her to have said bio. mom had done the inappropriate touching. You need to know if he was or wasn't. Sometimes the kids you'd least expect have been abused and are doing the same to others. You don't know for sure if he did it or not and you need to find out.

    Did your grandson have a very chaotic early life in his first three years? Did bio. mom have men coming and going through her house, especially those on drugs. Your grandson may be doing something that was done to him. At this point, why would the school be involved?
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    Oh yea, the therapist. Thanks, we have a great one. I will call her tomorrow.

    The school isn't involved. I was just wondering. We just did his IEP and school takes so much of our time, I guess it's just always in my thoughts. Bio mom can't keep her mouth shut (or her fingers from texting.) if it makes her the victim. So odds are this wont be kept quiet. Actually I keep checking FB to see if she posted anything.

    Yes she has had a lot of men in and out of her home. Some she left the boy with. I took gaurdianship when he was 2. We bonded. (that is such an understatement) She got him back when he was 4 and has lived at other peoples homes (Couch surfed with kids) ever since. The little brother is 3 and bonded with the aunt. Mr. I lives at my house at least half of the time.

    After the trip to CPS Mr. I had to go get a blood draw. He has had a fever for 6 days. That sucked too.

    I'm so glad to be home in my own bed. Mr.I sleeping safe down the hall.


    Good night
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    Yeah, with all those men coming around and the fact that idiot bio. mom couch surfed with the boys, it is best to bring this up to therapist because any one of those moronic boyfriends could have done something sexual to him. Play therapy is often very good at uncovering sexual abuse and I'd consider it a strong possibility considering the poor kid's lifestyle. Mom doesn't deserve her kids, that's for sure. Does he have to live with her half the time? If so, bad stuff could keep happening.

    He could have attachment issues, either mild or severe, NOT BECAUSE OF YOU but because he was dragged around like a toy and not given consistent parenting DUE TO HER, NOT YOU. You really need to learn his entire story. You can help him. He is a really young kid. You don't want to find out something surprising when he is 13 and it is already getting late in the game.

    You are a good grandma for taking him in.
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    I'm thinking cps would like it that he is with you.