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    We finally got out of the AT&T contract that got more and more expensive each month, and switched to prepaid service.

    husband got a net10 phone for $10 and it is driving him nuts. Texting is impossible - it won't let you do certain letters no matter what. It tries to predict what you are trying to say and all it comes up with are disgusting words. I tried to enter the word "count" and it would NOT put the o in and I will NOT use that other word!!

    I also discovered that tracfone and net10 are basically the same company. Tracfone has a $30 LG500 phone with a qwerty keyboard. I do NOT like texting with-o the qwerty - just won't do it because it annoys me. I didn't expect to get the keyboard, but wanted to look.

    I am SO IMPRESSED with this phone. WOW. The battery lasts about 4 times as long as the one on the LG neon I had. husband and I each went through 3 or 4 batteries because after a month or so they wouldn't even stay on for a full workday. That was without using it for anything, not calls, texts or anything else (we don't use the internet - it cost us $$ to even turn the browser on with the AT&T plan. Wasn't supposed to but that is how the "fees" stacked up.)

    It has a really nice camera with a flash that actually works. Just figured that out tonight. Jess found that husband left the plates cabinet in the kitchen open and the idiot cat took a NAP up there! So Jess got a few pics before she woke him up and made him get down. She is out washing the dishes right now.

    Anyway, it also has an mp3 player as long as you put a microSD card in it. I am thrilled because every single one I have gotten has been co-opted by a kid or husband. Two of them I never even got a single song on before it was "borrowed" until theirs was found. Not that big a deal, but I am at a point where I really want one and can use one.

    Anyway, the service is great, phone works super well, and while the keyboard may be a little small it still works surprisingly well. Even with husband's fatter fingers.

    I haven't tried the $50 touch screen LG model that is available on tracfone (online is the only place I have seen it) but this is awesome. I am shocked that it wasn't more than $30. Plus it came with double minutes for life. So I buy cards for 60 minutes and it gives you 90 days activation with that. But on my phone I get 120 minutes and 180 days activation. Which is nice.

    In a few weeks we will get a better phone for husband and then let the kids share the $10 one until they buy one of their own - when they are allowed to.

    This is a LOT nicer than the AT&T plan and phone we had and a TON cheaper.
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    120 minutes? really? And that doesnt do mobile to mobile does it? Or free after 7 and on weekends?

    Do you know how fast those minutes would last in my family? Less than half a day.

    I have to at least have unlimited mobile to any mobile and free after 7 and free weekends. Tony and I do share 1500 anytime minutes and our roaming comes of those but we have never even come close to using those up. I think the closest we have got is using 500 one time.
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    I can see that this might not work for you. I can get as many minutes as I want, and use them too. I also can do text and internet. We just don't use much. I stopped calling a lot of the relatives taht I would have called because I got sick of listening to how I was doing gfgbro wrong and no matter what he did to me or my kids I should not put any limits on when I would/wouldn't see/speak to him. It got rid of a LOT of my talking. Plus I hate to talk on the phone. Not terribly fond of texting. Even as a teen I didn't spend near the amt of time on the phone that the other kids did.

    husband doesn't either. Heck, with the plan we had with ATT we had 700 minutes, unlimited mobile to mobile att, free after 7 and I think there were four months in three or four YEARS that we used 350 of our minutes. And that was for all three phones including minutes used after 7 and mobile to mobile.

    A plan makes great sense for you. Esp if they have a decent phone. with-o the qwerty keyboard I cannot text. The only one we could afford to get with a contract renewal when we last signed the contract was the neon. A sorrier phone I have NEVER seen. Total piece o' excrement. But we still paid $35 or $40 for each of the 3 phones we got AND they were new and never worked.

    This is NOT a deal for you, though the phone might be good if they have it for your carrier.

    I am glad you like yours. This is NOT a bad phone or plan. The quality of the calls is far better than ATT is around here. And the number of minutes I quoted was just what I happened to think of to mention. ALL of the minutes I buy are doubled where many of the phones do not have that feature with these companies. Or you pay extra for it.
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    I plan to change to a non contract phone when mine ends. Now they are coming out with really good deals on non contracts that are android phones. A bit pricier up front but at least have the same features. I am sick of paying 150 a month when with a non contract I could pay 100 or less. Tony doesnt text...or rarely does but I do and I want the whole TV, navigation, apps, wifi, everything junk. We have to have the unlimited too because Tony uses his phone as a work phone.