Great adjectives for difficult child


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I visited Cousin P today. She asked if she could give difficult child some money. NO, I said, and I told her what happened with-the lab work.
She said, "That's very upsetting. He is both vulnerable and conniving."
GREAT description!


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That's better than mine. He is just conniving ;)

Other adjectives to describe my little darling are selfish and manipulative. Any adjustives, guys, to describe YOUR little honey?


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Immature, obstinate, manipulative, deceitful, dishonest, floundering, dramatic, unconcerned, unrepentant, lost.

I could probably think of more.


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Troubled, obnoxious, dramatic, passive-aggressive, backstabbing, stubborn, rebellious, reactive, labile, vulnerable, sensitive, intense, independent, bright, spectacular


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I forgot unpredictable, angry and materialistic (to the extreme), plus judgmental.

I wish I could also say "spectacular." I WANT to be able to type it like you did, Suzir. I could type it about all of my other kids. I can not say that about him. It's not that he doesn't have good traits. He is smart, and funny, responsible and can be charming. But I am too honest to think of him as spectacular. I feel guilty about that. I'm glad you can say that about your son, Suzir. He does seem difficult, but also like a special, never-gives-up young man who does love and respect you.

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Ha! Here is why I have so much trouble accepting what is:

Happy, smiling, sun-filled. Laughter. Christmas lights and magic. Gift and gift and gift.

Cold eyes.

Cold wind.

Oh, for heaven's sake.