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    I was watching 20/20 (or one of those shows the other night) and caught a story about a really great charity. It's called donors choose and it is made up entirely of requests from teachers. Sometimes they are small - less than $100 - and other times they can be upwards of a thousand dollars. But, you get to choose which project you fund or help to fund. (You don't even have to fund the whole thing, you can give what you are able) There are a lot of different categories for grade levels, classes (english, math, etc) and there are even special needs categories. You can also search by region to see if there are any project funding requests for teachers in your district or area.

    The web site is
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    This sounds like a great idea- like a "Make A Wish" program for teachers of struggling schools!!
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    I have a proposal up on donors choose right now. It is a great site for educators. If you need to donate before tax season, please go peruse the site. Each teacher makes a proposal, they then use online shopping sites like Amazon (they have a lot of options) and then the order is shipped from the store to the teacher. The teacher and her students then have to write thank you notes to the donors and take pictures of the material being used in the classroom. It is a win/win situation.
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    That sounds like a wonderful charity. Thanks for sharing!