Great, it's week 28!!

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    Can you believe it? Many of us have been at this thing for 28 weeks now (actually 26 for me but who's counting??!!!)? It really shows how quickly the days march on. That whole, "the older you get the quicker the time goes" really is true for me. Now, I'm not saying I'm old........

    We have had a couple new folks join us on our journey for a healthier me. Let us know how you are doing ladies. Share your success and share your struggles. Don't ever want anyone to feel they can't share a pitfall.

    I'm not doing the tuesday WW meeting since it kinda interferes with swim time with difficult child. They don't do a class at the health club on Tuesday nights, but difficult child and I have gotten into the habit of going together on Tuesdays and doing laps together (you know what I mean - he swims a while, then plays a while......).

    Last week I attended on Friday and was down 4.8, but I was up 2. something coming back from vacation. My total now is 35.8 down. I just keep on plugging........

    So, how's it going ladies?

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    Sharon-35.8 is awesome!!!!!!!!!:cutie_pie::cutie_pie: All of your hard work is totally paying off!

    I was only down .4 last week and had hoped to be down more but have only my own eating habits to blame. Ah well, I'm doing better this week.

    Right now is a challenging time for me. The next three weekends in a row I'll be gone and not have much control in what I eat and will not weigh in at ww until August 9th! We will be in Michigan this weekend and attending a pot luck picnic. husband's mom will probably make us a huge breakfast one day and we usually go out another! Next weekend my side of the family and then a weekend away with friends at a wedding! I am going to have to really stick to my eating plan during the weeks to make sure I don't end up adding many unwanted pounds!
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    Hello, all!

    LDM -- wow, I am so impressed with your total-- that is so awesome!

    Wiped Out -- Hey, down .4 is good! It will be a challenge for you with all your busy weekends coming up!

    I was so disappointed at my WW weigh-in -- I was up .5! easy child and I had done a "College Search" roadtrip last week, staying in hoets that included breakfast and dinner buffets. ( easy child and I also worked out in hotel fitness rooms and biked around campuses) While i did well chosing foods, I see now that my portion control was off!

    Now we are on vacation at the shore and I can't wait for weigh-in! Eating fresh,broiled seafood and veggies, as well as biking, walking, and kayaking should pay off. It's my birthday today and I am not even tempted to have any BD goodies -- I am so determined to lose this weight!

    Thanks for "hosting" this forum, LDM; it continues to be an inspiration! I love hearing from you all - what works and how we sometimes stumble! Right now, I am eating a simple, delicious recipe Fran submitted months ago -- Parmesan zuccini rounds - just sliced zuccini sprinkled with parm and sprayed with olive oil spray, then broiled for 8 minutes.
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    Kate, glad you are enjoying the recipes. There are some great ones in there! You are doing great! All the activity and the healthy eating will certainly pay off on your next weigh-in!

    Sharon, well as a WW meeting leader, you know what you always tell us - Plan, Plan, Plan. Save up all those weekly flex points for the weekends and you will do fine. And, most of all, have a ball!!! Hope the kids behave!

  5. Happy Birthday KateM! It sounds like you are doing well in spite of the changes in routine. College Road trips are stressful despite the fun task- so I think you've done wonderfully well. Enjoy your vacation.

    Sharon, wow, I am so impressed by your 35.8 pounds in 26 weeks. That is truly amazing

    Sharon II, I know that you are up to the coming challenges! Hang in there.

    I seem to be in a holding pattern, not losing or gaining. I've tried to lower my calorie count but I'm still hovering around the same amount. The YMCA that I attend has closed the weight machine room this week due to the installation of new machines. That leaves us all hanging this week, but I'm trying to make up my usual workouts in other ways. I hate plateaus... I'm hoping that next week will be better! Have a lovely weekend everyone!
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    It's really great how this sort of support is helping us with our health in general.

    Sharon/LDM, if you can do some water exercises during difficult child's swim class, you will still get a lot of benefit. And 35.8 down - that's pounds, I take it? That's really good.

    Sharon/WO, it's very difficult to stick to a diet when you have to resort to fast food. Just remember that it's summer and you CAN make do with fresh fruit & vegetables instead of buying a burger or a pizza. It's also cheaper, to make your own fresh salad on the road than to buy fat-laden, salt-laden, carb-laden junk. And don't worry too much about a big breakfast - it's a lot easier to exercise off what you eat in the morning.

    Kate, I hope the holiday is healthy for you with the exercises and the fresh seafood. Have you tried steamed teriyaki fish? Very easy to do. PM if you want the recipe.

    1DAAT, even maintaining a weight can be a triumph in itself.

    And for exercise - I still swear by Wii Fit. WE LOVE IT!! With my torn muscle now much better, I can do step aerobics again.

    I'm measuring the time on my diet by the pills I take each day. Each pack has 30 pills and I'm now halfway through the fifth pack. That means I have six weeks to go for a total of six months on this. From what I read, these pills only work for about 6-12 months at most. Then you gain back some of the weight you lost, but by no means all or even most. And for the pills to work, you HAVE to diet as well.

    So that means I've been on this diet for 20 weeks now. I started on 97 Kg by both my scales at home and the doctor's scales. I would have said, had I been asked, that my weight was 95 Kg. The 97 Kg was a bit of a surprise to me but I did double-check at home, naked in the morning on my bathroom scales.

    This morning on my scales I weighed 81 Kg. Last week on the doctors scales (clothed) I weighed 80.5 Kg. I would love to get below 80 Kg. I REALLY would love to get down to 75 Kg or lower, but as the weight loss seems to have tapered off almost to a halt, I doubt I'll get much below 80 Kg, if that. Not in six weeks.

    Mind you, I'm happy to be feeling a lot better and looking a lot better. It's been years since I bought clothes from off the rack in the main fashion shops. I've been restricted to the maternity sections, or the specialty fat shops. Mind you, at the fat shops I've been the smallest size there, but it's still been a problem trying to look good.

    Last week easy child 2/difficult child 2 nagged me into going into one of those teen fashion stores and trying on a jacket. She was cross with me for having a figure at last, but still wearing my shapeless bomber jacket. So I bought a warm cardigan which was fitted nicely to my waist. It looks good! And I bought it off the rack! And it wasn't the largest size in the store!

    I keep getting new clothes (not "new" new, but mostly second-hand new) and rapidly shrinking to the point that they don't fit.
    At difficult child 3's drama class about three weeks ago I was given some skirts. They were from one of difficult child 3's classmates, a fifteen-year-old girl with Downs Syndrome. That makes the skirts hand-me-ups, I guess. And I wore one of those skirts again yesterday (I've worn them a lot over the last few weeks) and found it kept slipping round my waist. It is now too loose! I won't buy more stuff, can't afford it. But I WILL take the skirt in. With a longer stitch of course, so if/when I gain weight, I can let it out again.

    Six weeks to do. The downhill run. Whatever I lose from here will probably go back on, but if I can stop my weight going too far above 80 Kg, I will be very happy. And so will my doctors, I think.

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    Hello everyone,

    Congratulations to all on keeping up with a healthy lifestyle. Sounds like you're all making great progress.

    Whew! The Trinity Travel Olympics are over (well, at least for now...) Got back last night, slept in my own bed...YAY!...and I don't have to go back in to work until next Thursday. Gosh, I'm tired.

    No more catering! Having been on a a low carb diet, I find that bread and pasta etc. now make me feel exhausted. Toward the end, I was scooping up the carrots and celery, even eating the parsley garnish on the trays...ANYTHING to get some vegetables.

    I have 3 dance classes scheduled for tonight. Showcase is in two weeks (OMG, 2 weeks!!!) and I have a lot of catching up to do. My Diva dress is hanging in the closet, and I'm afraid to try it on. I will try it next week when I've been back into my regular routine for a little while.

    Have a great weekend everyone,
  8. Star*

    Star* call 911

    I am happy for you!!!!!

    I finally got into the doctor. I'm 244. Obese - and

    Healthy as a horse.

    They found nothing wrong, and offered to give me a consult for the lap band. I don't have thyroid, I dont have diabetes, I don't have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, - all the stuff this other quack told me I had and put me on medications for.

    So.......after 28 weeks of healthy living/lifestyle change, exercising 30 mins a night 5 nights a week for high cardio -

    I have gained 10 lbs.

    I think I'm going for the lap band. I have no other ideas.

    But at least I'm healthy - and he said (dr.) that I have a great sense of humor.

    OH and I guess I get to go have an ablation? Like a D&C. He said maybe that would help with the wicked 3 week visits, 1 week cramps and being a girl.