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    One of the things that drives me nuts is when I drop a compact and the makeup breaks up. It is harder to use and makes a mess each time I open it, so often I end up tossing it out. Waste of money, which I hate even more, Know what I mean??

    I just tried this and was surprised at how easy it was. Plus, it was an eye shadow compact with four colors, 1 of which was too dark. I manaed to sort of mix bits of each color in each other color and now? That dark color is amazing and adds a lot of depth when I use it. Who knew?

    So what do you do?

    Break up all the makeup into a powder, keep as much in indiv sections as you can. You might consider putting tape over the sections you are not working with to protect them from mixing with the others, if you want and they are not already mixed. I found tweezers were helpful at getting bits of a color into the right section, though I used them to gently lift the chunks from underneath rather than by squeezing the chunks with both sides of the tweezers.

    Once the makeup is in a powder and in the place you want it to be, add a couple of drops of rubbing alcohol, either isopropyl or the other kind (can't remember the name). use your finger or a small spoon and press the powder into the compact. You can use a bit of plastic wrap to keep your finger from turning the color of the makeup if you want. If the powder is too dry to press into a solid cake, add another drop or two of alcohol and press again until it is all back in a solid cake form.

    This really works. Jess is notorious for dropping things, esp makeup. So she and I will save a ton of money on this now. I am thinking of taking some of my loose mineral makeups and pressing them into containers also, because I hate having the loose powders in my purse. They make a horrible mess if they accidentally open.
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