Great visit with difficult child!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by mog, Aug 30, 2010.

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    We went to see difficult child this weekend and it was great. Friday we picked him up at noon took him out to eat (he says anywhere that doesn't cost too much)--took him to play a couple of games of bowling. We then went back to the room to play cards (game is really long and we did not finish 1st day)--difficult child was also watching tv since he can't watch it very often so he was distracted. Saturday we went to this really cool place called Bishop's castle --this guy has built this castle by his own two hands over several years and is still working on it. It is so amazing! It has several towers and floors but amazingly it has a huge dragon head on the front of the castle --he is working now on the outer wall. We left there and drove about an hour to get to a close place for difficult child to have Mongolian BBQ --he had seen it on the freeway on the way to his job. YES I said job--he is back on work crew and so excited to be. Then when we asked him what he wanted to do and he said go back to the hotel and finish our game and watch tv. We then went to dinner and took him back. Sunday we picked him up and took him to church--had lunch and were just hanging out then he says (about an hour early) that we should probably get back on the road so we don't get home too late.
    He really seems to be growing up this time. He is doing really well and they gave him his signature sheets to get his level 3 and commented that a lot of the staff said he would have not problem getting it if he keeps up his behaviors. That would mean that in about a month he could possibly be discharging.
    While we were on the road, he called my parents to tell them how much he appreciated the visit and good it was to spend time with us especially that it was mostly "down" time. It was great --I LOVED IT!!! Thank You GOD!!!!!!!
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    Mog- I'm absolutely thrilled for you! I really hope difficult child's sense of accomplishment and gratitude holds.... it seems as though he's made great strides. :thumbsup:
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    Positive news! Sounds like a wonderful weekend with your son. Thanks for sharing. Positive thoughts that his maturity and self awareness continue.

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    Wow! That is awesome!!!!! Way To Go! I know how relieved and proud you are. Finger crossed for more good things to come. And permanent changes.
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    Very cool!!!!
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    Thanks all :D
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    How terrific!!!!!!!!!!!