Greetings Friends. Terrific Tuesday or TerribleTuesday?Undecided? Let us know here.

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Rabbit, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. Rabbit

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    Greetings Friends. Terrific Tuesday or Terrible Tuesday?Undecided? Let us know here. Hope u have a GREAT day! I will be playing taxi driver today. Hugs Rabbit
  2. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Rabbit-Good to see you this morning. I hope playing taxi driver holds some unexpected pleasant surprises.

    After work today I'm going out with some friends from work. We have reservations at 5:00 for a very nice fondue restaurant. They are having a special price for a four course dinner for teachers and I'm going with my instructional team from work. Should be fun if I can stop worrying about easy child/difficult child.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day.
  3. Marguerite

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    G'day, people.

    Rabbit, I hope being taxi driver earns you some good money. Or kudos with the kids...

    Sharon/WO, fondue is good comfort food. Fondue with friends sounds delightfully decadent.

    We had a quiet day today. difficult child 3 had accrued a lot of game time (that's time with me playing computer games with him) and he was able to claim back four hours. He has another two hours to claim, probably tomorrow morning at this rate. He also has to wash up tonight. He has promised to do it but I suspect it will be almost midnight before he gets to it.

    Tomorrow I have to see my GP. mother in law needs to see her doctor as well (she has transferred to the local GP). I'm worried she's developing cellulitis, her legs are really badly swollen. My GP just needs to write my prescriptions and possibly a repeat referral to the oncologist (the clinic keeps losing them). Somewhere in there I probably should get some washing done too. Tomorrow night I have my first opera choir lesson. I'll let you know how it goes afterwards. I have no idea what to expect right now.

    Enjoy your Tuesday.

  4. LittleDudesMom

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    Good Morning!

    Hey Rabbit, any morning I open my eyes and put my feet on the floor is a good day! Hope your day is a good one too.

    Sharon, The Melting Pot? Relax and do for you! My mom was cleaning out cabinets a couple years ago and found the old fondue pot from the 70's. I took it thinking I would introduce it to the inspire me to find where I put it!!

    Marg, hope mother in law gets some relief. The opera lessons sound great! One of my closest friend's daughter is a senior in college majoring in opera - she's wonderful!

    Office day for me today - I'm already here - bonehead is out at a meeting so I'm taking a minute with some coffee and my orange!

    Wishing all a great day!

  5. PatriotsGirl

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    Good morning all!

    Rabbit - been there, friend! Hopefully it is a great ride around for you!

    WO - we have a few of the Melting Pot restaurants here - I have a friend that is a hostess at one and she says the food is incredible!! :)

    Marg - opera sounds so fun! A childhood friend of mine is living in Germany as a professional opera singer. I find the music beautiful.....

    Little Dudes - today is my work from hoem day - I LOVE these days. Do you get to work from home sometimes, too?

    I am going to finish my coffee and take a shower to really get going today. Still getting used to difficult child being gone and trying to live her life on her own. I kinda miss her :(. I miss the sweet her, I should clarify. Not the difficult child her.
    easy child is home for fall vacation this week and will sleep in as usual. He has been having some issues at school with being picked on. One unhappy momma bear here!!! My son is just the sweetest guy with the biggest heart - so not fair that he should have to deal with any crappola. Dad told him he must stand his ground now or he will always get picked on. We told him he will never get in trouble for us if he is standing up for himself - only if he starts it. That seemed to make him feel better. We'll see how it goes when they go back. :(
  6. hearts and roses

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    Good morning everyone~

    Rabbit, you seriously need to start charging your kids cab fare! ☺
    Sharon/WO, Enjoy your evening out with friends (Melting Pot? YUM). Prayers are still in effect for easy child/difficult child. Hugs.
    Marg, cellulitus sounds painful - I'm sorry for mother in law. I hope your run of the mill GP visit goes well and have fun playing 2 hours of video games, lol!
    Shron/LDM - enjoy the moments while bonehead is out. I love being the first and only person in the office in the morning.
    PG, I hope things work out with your son when he returns to school. Huhs, Mama Bear.

    I am still sick and heading off to see my Dr this morning. I've already put myself on prednisone and antibiotics and I'm doing 4 breathing treatments/day (per past experience and with the okay of my Dr). And I'm still coughing up some pretty disgusting stuff and feeling like ****. Kinda reminds me of when I had pneumonia last winter and that frightens me as it's only fall/flu season and I haven't even gotten my flu shots yet! Anyway, I'm hoping he will give me some helpful information. He trusts that I don't abuse my medications and am actually very prudent. I hate prednisone in particular as it makes me feel completely wired. I was up till 2:30 last night, couldn't sleep. I was lying there playing a game on my iPhone because I didn't want to disturb H's sleep. Now I am exhausted and can't breathe. I wish there was a shot or something that could fix me up because bed rest, hot compresses on my chest and medications are not doing it.

    Okay enough whining! Have a great day everyone~