grocery items I can no longer find

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  1. dreamer

    dreamer New Member

    There are a few items I Used to buy but no longer can find at my grocery. Does this make anyone else as upset as it sometimes makes me? Some of the things---

    Creamy garlic salad dressing

    Sweet morsel (smoked butt)

    Good and Fruity (like Good and Plenty- choo choo charlie)

    Screaming Yellow Zonkers

    Quisp cereal

    (I did actually find Quisp and Screaming Yellow Zonkers recently)

    Hamburger Helper Meatloaf

    Campbells Homestyle Beef Noodle soup

    Campbells Garden Pea soup

    Cheddar cheese with bacon in it

    Bacon crackers
    (similar to Chicken Biscuit Crackers)

    Bar None candy bars

    Waffle Creme cookies (a sugar wafer cookie that was much taller than standard sugar wafer cookies- maybe made by Nabisco?)
  2. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful


    Yes. It irritates me no end.

    Quisp cereal??? OMG I haven't seen that since I was a kid!!! I LOVE Quisp cereal!!!

    Our wallie world has the waffle wafer cookies, so does aldi's. Neither I don't think are by Nabsco, but both are very good. Grandkids and my kids are nuts about them.

    I can't find alphabet noodles. You know, for alphabet soup. Meullers used to make them. None of the stores here carries it. So I have to go an hour outta my way to the Amish store for them. But the kids love it in my veggy soup.

    Those chocolate oranges, too, come to think of it. My kids love to get those during the holidays. Haven't been able to for about 3 yrs now.

    Oh, and cherry lifesavers.
  3. dreamer

    dreamer New Member

    I found Quisp at a store called "Woodmans" around Christmastime, I bought some for a gift for my brother, LOL. I still have 2 boxes left. ( bought several boxes as we love it, too)

    Is wallie world same as walmart? we got a brand new superwalmart here, but they do not have anything that resembles waffle cremes, and we also got an aldi in Jan, and I have not seen anything like that there, either. I did get some biscos.they are also sugar wafers, but much more compressed and small compared to average sugar wafers. LOL- really, I am NOT a sugar wafer nut, LOL- but....I just one day had a taste for them.

    Hmmm, I just saw alphabet noodles somewhere......I shop on our military base in commissary someetimes, and at our Jewel most of the time, and our WalMart -----with wanderings off to other grocery stores if I leave our area, mostly to get things not carried in my own normal stores. LOL

    I did get some chocolate Oranges- Terrys brand- at Christmas time, at Walgreens.....and saw some yesterday at Woodmans.......and I also saw cherry lifesavers at my Walgreens this week AND at Woodmans. I did NOT see any fruit stripe gum, tho, BUT I DID see Razzles and Chicklets. LOL
  4. dreamer

    dreamer New Member

    OH oh oh, when I was little my mom loved these mini ice cream cones that had a dab of colored marshmallow in them to look like ice cream---mom LOVED them. (I hated them) - I thought my kids might like them, but I have not found any. LOL.

    I was looking at swiffers etc yesterday and it occured to me about 20 years ago there were these wipes in rectangular boxes for cleaning glass, bathrooms, and ones with furniture polish (like wax?) --but they disappeared---I think they were just ahead of their time. LOL.

    At THanksgiving time, I found little wax "pop bottles" - those wax things filled with a tiny bit of liquid? LOL.

    AND I found some coca cola made in Mexico that uses cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. UG it was SO expensive, though! $1.49 for a half liter in a glass bottle. LOL. And I also got a bottle of green river. (altho in my opinion the bottled is nowhere near as good as way back when I used to hand mix it where I used to work)

    Oh and.....the deoderant I decided I liked better than any other ever- Crystal CLean? It was a solid clear.

    and these pens I loved- Bic, with 4 different colors in one barrel.medium point. I actually did find 4 at some store just before Christmas and bought them all and they found their way into my Christmas stocking, LOL. I will be so sad when they are "done"

    and "footies" with the ball at the heel? LOL way back when when us waitresses still wore those uniffform dresses and white nurses shoes----and nylons? I used to wear those footies over my nylons so my feet did not slide around inside my shoes so much, LOL- and those little pom poms kept them from sliding down into my shoes. LOL. By the time I finished nurseing school, we no longer wore dresses, we wore scrubs and gym shoes and bobby sox. LOL. But I got hit with nostalgia and was looking for footties with pom poms at the back for my kids. LOL
  5. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    I've seen those ice cream cones somewhere, but I can't think of where is at the moment....

    Yeah, sorry. Wallie world is walmart. lol

    I wish we'd get an Aldi here, darn it. I have to drive 40 mins to the nearest one. And with gas being so high it doesn't pay to go. Oh, make sure to try their brownies!!! Best brownies you'll ever eat. And cheap too. lol

    lmao I cracked up when I saw the waxed pop bottles. I used to get those for the kids easter baskets when they were little. I haven't looked for them lately. I used to love them as a kid.

    Candy buttons I found. Necco Wafers too. Our walmart has both.

    OMG I haven't seen fruit stripe gum in ages and ages. Good thing too as I have a major weakness for it. lol
  6. dreamer

    dreamer New Member

    My town had so little until tis year, but I used to go to another town to ALdi and walmart.....but truth is I do not really buy enough at aldi to make a special trip there, even with it in my own town, now. Walmart, tho? Yikes, thats badnews to me, I LOVE to go there. or nite. This is our first superwlmart in the whole area- for many many miles around....and yeesh everyone teases me and oldest becuz we will "dash over" for one or 2 things, and they begin to think maybe they will hafta send a search party after us!!!!! I dunno why we do not get tired of being in tthere, I am NOT a "shopping" person. But I get in there and we lose all track of time!

    Yes, I saw (and bought) candy buttons recently, my kids were not impressed, altho when me and bro were little we liked them. ANd same with Neccos. I even saw ones that were ALL chocolate and no other flavor.
    Do you remember those small square chewy things, banana flavored? I think they were called "bikes" but spelled beichs or something? I liked those. Banana Laffy Taffy is similar, tho. :) Have not seen them in forever. husband liked peanut butter chewy thingies, (I never did) and have not seen those either.

    I also saw Bun candy bars yesterday......but I am not fond of those, either.

    someone also used to make a chocolate cake, --- Dressels? something like that- and it had chocolate whip cream frosting- in freezer section.

    LOL, so reading this it SOUNDS like I eat all this stuff. LOL. I don't. I am NOT a candy person.....but sometimes I think oh my kids might like that- for a special treat or a gift or something?
  7. flutterbee

    flutterbee Guest

    They recently remodeled our Kroger and it's *huge*. They carry everything. Except Multi-Grain Cheerios. They carry the fruit cheerios, the yogurt cheerios, the regular, frosted, honey-nut, apple cinnamon and every other kind you can think of, but not Multi-Grain.

    My mom has to get them for me at her store in Columbus. It's soooo annoying.
  8. dreamer

    dreamer New Member

    Bundt cake mixes- specifically chocolate cake with coconut in middle? I saw a Bundt PAN.YIKES< was it EXPENSIVE!

    Lipton sweet tea (no lemon) in cans?

    thes bar cookie things, they were called Jumbles maybe? IIRC they were chocolate with ?coconut? oatmeal? peanut butter? similar to a brownie?

    Cherry cake frosting in a can?

    L'Eggs pantyhose in an egg?
    (I liked THAT size egg for filling for easter, LOL)

    Do they still make Tang, wasn't that an astronaut thing? LOL
    And Bosco chocolate syrup? My bro liked Bosco (I liked Hersheys)
  9. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful


    That's odd. But I do know that most krogers are good about if you make a request to the store manager, and enough people make the same request, they'll stock it for you.

    That's how ours started stocking vegetarian foods and health foods.

    I've tried with the alphbet noodles, but evidently no one else uses them. lol

    Is Bit o' Honey the candy bar you're thinking of dreamer? Tastes like peanut butter. My Mom was nuts over them. Never let us have one. lol

    We have the Lipton tea in a can. I don't care much for it though.

    And Tang too. They even have a generic for it both at walmart and aldi.

    I'm about to have a royal fit because none of our stores stock Jiffy Icing anymore. Cheap as heck and tasted like homemade.:furious: I can find any other Jiffy product except that one. Which really doesn't make much sense because they were always selling out of it.
  10. dreamer

    dreamer New Member

    Oh, I like bit o honey, eat one then eat a tootsie roll, then a bit o honey, LOL, alternatebetween them (hey, it helped me smoke less while driving on long trips, LOL---that and um...Tootsie pop DROPS! cannot find those, either darn it, LOL) No, the thing husband likes are PB kisses or something.little blobs of chewy peanut butter stuff wrapped in wax paper.....bought by the bagful?

    My husband hates to take a drink along in a car cup or thermos, and he loves sweet I found lipton sweet tea in cans a couple times, and then- no more. I requested our Jewel to get some, they said they would, and when I went to get it? Seems they sold it to someone else! MANY times, BUT they have not stocked it.and neither does anyone else around here, anymore, either. We can get it in glass bottles and plastic bottles, tho. Individually.

    YES! Jiffy! we eat very little cake, and Jify is pefrfect size.and I also wanted the Jiffy frosting.....could not get the cakes or frosting here, either....but I got some yesterday at that other store. LOL.

    THere are several things our main grocery does not carry.......but now we do have walmart and aldi.....that helps some...and the military base carries a lot of different things.....and then when me and son go to his docs etc, we hop skip and jump thru lots of other stores en route. LOL. - same with fast food, my area does not have a lot....but on the way to eye doctor, WOW! there is almost everything, altho we are still looking for a Sonic. and a chik filet. LOL. 2 towns I swear must have EVERYTHING on our route----Algonquin and Orland Park.
  11. meowbunny

    meowbunny New Member

    Another one who couldn't find the chocolate orange balls at Christmas and those were a tradition for the stocking.

    The one thing I really miss are kartoffeln (potato) balls. Used to be in the foreign food aisles. They were shredded, dried potatoes in small, net bags that turned into wonderful potato balls. I've tried making them but they've never turned out quite right. I NEED my kartoffeln balls!

    Hmm, maybe we should start a shopping exchange? What your store has that mine doesn't, pick it up and send it along. lol
  12. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    There is a website that you can buy the traditional candy of our youth. I don't have it but I'm sure if you do a google search you will find it. A lot of the Targets, Wal Marts and our bigger grocery stores are stocking some of the older candies like Swedish Fish, tootsie pops.(it's a wonder we have any teeth) The wax bottles with a squirt of sugar water were highly coveted when I was a kid but I'm sure my kids would have thought we were crazy.
    Do you remember candy lipsticks? The necklaces with candy something or another on them?
  13. busywend

    busywend Well-Known Member

    Fran, I have a Factory Card Outlet near me that carries all the old candy - how about Pop Rocks - difficult child had a blast with that one!

    My most memorable item that was discontinued at the Sam's Club near me is: Turkey Mignons. So delicious and so easy! I have recently found them at Aldis!
  14. AprilH

    AprilH Guest

    What I miss with every fiber of my being is 'Vernors' Ginger Ale...I cannot find it anywhere here in NC, but I used to drink it every day growing up in Detroit. Must be a 'Northern' thing. I also miss those candy cigarettes and Bit O' Honeys too!
  15. Penta

    Penta New Member

    Vermont Country Store still stocks many old fashioned items that are no longer in grocery stores...expensive, but available. Google it and look.
  16. Marcie Mac

    Marcie Mac Just Plain Ole Tired

    If you go to you can find some of the candy you were mentioning and they have a grocery section as well.

  17. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    We have candy cigarettes. Travis buys them buy the case. The boy is hooked on them. lol But they sell for 15 cents each. Darrin also has recently discovered them.

    We have candy necklaces too. I haven't seen candy lipstck yet. Aubrey would get a kick out of that.
  18. ML

    ML Guest

    I have seen a lot of nostalgic food items at the store at the restaurant Cracker Barrel.
  19. DDD

    DDD Well-Known Member

    April we have Vernors Ginger Ale around here. I can't stand the difficult child loves it. If it's in
    Florida maybe it is in Ga. or SC too. Worth a day trip if you love it. I'd send you some if it was in cans
    but shipping bottles doesn't see like a good idea. LOL DDD
  20. dreamer

    dreamer New Member

    My gas station has candy lipsticks, still, LOL. and candy cigs. My walgreens has canay necklaces and my grocery has pop rocks, so does my Kmart.
    A friend of mine from Mich loves Vernors Ginger ALe? I think my store now carries it sometimes. (my kids prefer schweppes?) A funny note about ginger ale in general? I seldom drink alcohol- but a couple months ago I wanted a simple ole whiskey and ginger ale in some place husband and I went. It had been decades since I had it. I tried to order it. the place did not have ginge r ale. Then we went to a vfw for fish fry, and they did not have ginger ale. then we were at a moose lodge, and they did not have ginger ale, either. Seems the ONLY place I can get ginger ale is the grocery store. same with 50-50.

    I am thinking the candy cigs are prolly pretty politically incorrect these days.
    Swedish fish are available everywhere here.
    I have been to the hometown favorites website.

    I did try to google to find the sweet morsels and the creamy garlic salad dressing. Kraft discontinued makeing the creamy garlic and replaced it with garlic ranch. I could find nothing about the sweet morsels at all. I tried a roses smoked butt, but it was nowhere near as good. I did find a couple boxes of hamburger helper meatloaf at some tiny mom-pop store a few years ago, but I think that has now also been discontinued, as has the 2 campbells soups. (homestyle beef noddle and garden pea)

    a few years ago KtKat made a candy bar with orange flavor, I liked it. But they stopped. Then they came out with ones that looked orange, those were nowhere near the same at all. I did not like the orange colored kit kats.