Growth hormone and mood

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by smallworld, May 26, 2008.

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    My two daughters started growth hormone therapy for small stature at the end of April. M has been absolutely fine. A, on the other hand, became moody and irritable a couple of weeks into the treatment (she has been stable on her current medications for about 1.5 years). She had difficulty getting her homework done, settling down for sleep and getting up in the morning. She was experiencing periodic headaches, dizziness and stomachaches. She complained that she has no friends (a very common complaint when she was first diagnosed with depression in 4th grade). She told me last Wednesday night that she feels depressed and she doesn't know why.

    I wrote a joint email to A's endocrinologist and psychiatrist. Although the endo thought the mood instability was likely related to the onset of puberty (A has just the beginning signs of puberty), she agreed to stop the growth hormone for a few weeks because A has in the past been so sensitive to medications. The endo will also see A June 3 to assess growth and puberty development.

    Lo and behold, two days after stopping growth hormone, A's mood returned to baseline. She's her cheerful self again. Her positive mood has remained steady throughout the long weekend. The behavior change was so dramatic that I can't help but think it was related to the growth hormone.

    Does anyone have experience with growth hormone or know of any research on a link between growth hormone and mood, particularly depression?
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    Have never dealt with growth hormone for the tweedles though it was mentioned when they were first placed with us. They were a month shy of 7 but looked more like 4 year olds.

    It never came to pass; once we got them on a regular healthy diet with large doses of ensure they began to grow physically. I wanted the summer to see if healthy diet & a stable environment would help before we started something of this nature

    I do have to add that kt has been a "pill" (to put it mildly) since she turned 13.

    Good luck with A. I hope she steadies out mood wise.
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    Interesting that her mood changed immediately after stopping the medication. You say that she has always been medication-sensative; perhaps your gut was right. Although I do know that girls can be extremely moody during purberty. My easy child was fairly calm, but I've friends who have thought their daughters were depressed. Some pretty extreme highs and lows. And, as with most things in life, it is different for everyone.

    I say keep her off them for a good length of time. You'll see the mood changes if they weren't connected to the growth hormone.

    Is it going to be a really bad thing if she can not tolerate the medication?

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    I don't have any experience with growth hormone therapy yet. However difficult child 2 is extremely small for his age - He is 16 yrs. old but he is about the size of an 11 yr. old. Besides his small size, he doesn't have any signs of puberty yet.

    He is currently being followed by a developmental pedi and a pedi endocrinologist. He has had an MRI and lots of lab work. So far, we know he has an under developed pituitary gland.

    The pedi endocrinologist saw difficult child 2 in April and agrees with us that while we need to do something, we need to do things slowly. difficult child 2 has an anxiety disorder. To date, he isn't medicated for this. We're afraid to start him on hormone therapy without taking into account his anxiety issues.

    In August, we will meet with the pedi endocrinologist again. Hopefully, at this time, we will have enough information to make a decision concerning the best course of treatment for difficult child 2. I have to admit I'm scared!!!

    I wish I could be of some help to you, but we're just beginning to go down this road. I hope you find the information you need to help A. If I learn anything I think you might be interested in, I'll let you know. WFEN